Some of these debates were misrepresented and closed to early. I'm restarting this discussion for that reason.

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Burger King's meat is juicier and there fries all have potato in them (wish I could say the same for McD's) and in response to an argument made in the old discussion yes, BK's burger is fattier but that is for one simple reason. McDonald's cold the snot out of there meat. Which is one reason why at least two people have bought a McDonald's burger and just left it there. Once person who did this left out on her coffee table taking a picture every day and posting online. That was a year ago. Today she is still doing it and still posting pictures. This is the reason why when you find that who knows how old McDonald's French fry you could (and some of you have, myself included) go ahead and eat it without getting sick or any signs of sickness.

As far as dessert goes BK's vanilla ice cream if far better as far as flavor.

To be entirely fair burger King had can't up with some bad ideas like Cheeto chicken fries.
Burger King is Hungry Jack's here in Australia but I personally think Maccas (slang for McDonalds in Australia) is better. (I'm not sure really. Hardly ever go to Hungry Jack's) I dunno what you Americans do to your fast food but here it's actually fresh, delicious and good looking. (Unlike your hastily prepared piles of old meat and soggy bread).
Can I come visit? Please?

I don't even eat McDonalds OR Burger King anymore. :/

The fast food here is nothin' to brag about, but not absolutely disgusting either. I dunno. Depends on where you go. 

Collect a few thousand bucks then yes. :)

McDonald's by far. Both are awful tho. Wendy's and Chick-fil-A are bae (latter is far better).


I hate when you want Chick-fil-A but it's Sunday lol

Preach it, Z.....

*sniffs sadly and plays taps*
Chick-a-fila? And isn't Wendy's an ice cream shop? It's here.


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