This is to continue a debate that Zhadow banned from comic book fans

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Actually, they don't edit the films. When you pay to stream it, that includes the time it is edited, you, the viewer, own the movie. That's their loophole. What the problem was though, was that they were able to buy it and stream it before any other streaming companies, because of streaming rights and such. 

Also, like I said, they DID take down their movies. We were gonna watch Transformers 4, and woopty doo, all movies unavailable! 

They do edit the film. Filtering ALWAYS means editing. I'm not even going to argue your other points because there're baseless and would crack under any explanation 

Ringwraith, it has been declared illegal. Not sure where you've come up with the idea that it hasn't.

I DON'T want to so badly, actually. It was just for kicks and giggles.

It's not edited when you pay for it. You buy it from them, you own it. Then you filter it, stream it. When your done, you sell it back to them.

Ok Ringwraith, I did some research and I reckon if you look at American law (even international copyright laws) closely, you can see that VidAngel is in fact illegal. I mean they edit the movies before they stream it to you. You don't filter them yourself do you? If they were paying the companies royalties like every other streaming service, then it would be legal.

You choose the filters you want but VidAngel has already decoded and reencoded a film in order to allow you to select a filter option. That alone is illegal. I'm pretty sure the judge covers that in his ruling on the case.

Actually, there was a law made back in, eh, I think it was 2005, that allowed movies to be filtered, as long as it was for private use only. When you buy a movie on VidAngel, you own it for the amount of time it's edited, which is why it's okay. 

Like I said before, the real problem lies in the fact that they can put out movies way before other streaming serives can, which isn't really fair. Hopefully, this will all get sorted out soon.

Let's see. It's 100% legal for a company to offer two services, correct? VidAngel sells you a movie. Can we ask agree on that? Good. VidAngel also provides a source for you to filter your movie, agreed? So your problem is that they don't pay the movie companies, correct? Prove it.

Actually, I think the real problem is that it's unfair to other streaming....thingy's, because VidAngel can get the movies up and streaming before they can.

Except those services have legal licensing with the studios and give them money to own the license. VidAngel doesn't which again makes them illegal.

I dissagree.

How can you?


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