This is to continue a debate that Zhadow banned from comic book fans

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How can you disagree?

I've already explained why. -_- VidAngel is different than other streaming services.

Prove it Zhadow.
The reason I'm saying that over and over again and only that is because that's all that needs to be said. Zhadow had made a statement and now he needs to back it up or leave cuz if we need evidence then he does cause I'm not taking his word for it.

(Lol I was typing "does" and I accidentally hit "I" instead of "O". Oops.(

I have proven it lol. You're too stubborn to actually accept it.

Edit: No I did not copy Riley's comment. I actually only noticed it after I replied hence this edit.

And now you lying.

If you aren't going to take this seriously then leave.

Actually, you should leave. You're accusing me of lying when I didn't. Think for once before blurting nonsense out.

You're the one who isn't taking this seriously lol. There was a ruling. Case is closed for now. VidAngel is on the wrong. Crying won't fix that. The only reason this debate has any right to continue is if the case has any new developments 

By your first statement you're already admitting they're illegal.

By your second statement you're already admitting they're illegal.

By your question you're further explaining why they're illegal.

Prove it

We have. The judge has.

I don't care what the judge has to say. YOU prove it to me.

Thank you, Riley. It's common sense really


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