This is to continue a debate that Zhadow banned from comic book fans

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I did. The judge has ruled that VidAngel was and is illegal. There is nothing more to prove.

Just because a judge has made a ruling doesn't mean that their right.

In most cases, including this one, they're right. Stop fighting it. You're only wasting your time.

Prove it.
Okay. Bye Riley!

We certainly have. Besides there isn't much more of a debate to be had as the ruling has been made.

Okay, you know what? I'm just going to be blunt.

Your jerks. You state your opinion and then say it like it's a fact.
When we make a statement you say we need to back up. When we do you say that "it's not up to my standards." When I ask you to back up your statement Riley says "don't you think we've exhausted this debate which is pretty much "okay you did your part but we don't have time for us to do our part."
You refuse to take this seriously and won't provide evidence.
If you won't provide evidence out take this seriously then leave. I'm going to close this debate and make a blog instead. That way I can moderate so that we don't have people who won't take it seriously.


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