Do you think a baby is alive at one week. Give me feedback. I want to know what other teens think. Thanks.

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i say a baby is alive the moment it is conceived. it's a spark of life that grows and develops inside his mother before coming into the world. life is precious. we need to keep it that way.
I agree completely! Life begins at conception.
Of course it's alive. It satisfies all the scientific conditions for life, and on top of that my conscience tells me its alive.
A child is always alive. We can't change that and scientists have been studying the for a long time and haven't found that out. Because they don't want to find out.

A child is alive the moment it is conceived.

Who said I'm a teen? I'm only 9 and going on 10!And I'm only 9 but my whole life I've worked for an event called 4us that raises money for ultrasound machines, because most women choose motherhood after seeing there kid.go to to see what you can do to help.   

I would TOTALLY say that a baby is alive the moment it is conceived. And anyone who doesn't is a little deceived-more than a little deceived. If a cell was found on Mars or something, it would be considered life. So shouldn't the same be thought for a baby even when it still just one cell? It should, but society is really messed up.

If evolutionists can believe that a glop of good struck by lightning is life, then it shouldnt be TOO hard for anyone with a lick of sense to believe that a baby is alive the second its conceived.


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