Well? Which movies you think are the best?

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not yet

I have. i love it when the frog talks in Chinese,  i think its in Chinese.

but Shakespeare is my favorite.

got Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas for, well, Christmas.

Love that ending when Adam takes Belle aside and hands her his gift to her. A single rose. 

Delayed posting. I think Ink would have the be the best dramatic movie of all time.

ok i saw up today....and believe it or not i started crying.......i love that movie

had the same effect on me. that is really love right there.

i know. they were the cutest couple and i felt so bad that he finally got the tickets but then they didn't get to go.....aw :'(



and then when he sees the pictures in the adventure book near the end of the movie....

i know........thats made me cry to. it was so sweet

makes you wish for a love like that. one that strong. one where nothing will tear you apart. where you share the same dreams, no matter how childish they seem to everyone else. one where every day is a new adventure

yah, and they promise to love each other forever and cherish that love.......and now, its hard to find a couple who does that

yeah, it is.

it takes work. happily ever after isn't all magic and smooth waters. it's a rough road. but if you want it and know it's for real, it's worth the fight.

not alot of people want to fight though.


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