Well? Which movies you think are the best?

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ya thats the only weird part oh wait no it wasn't the part at the beginning ya no clothes....

That part confused me so much. "Oh, there's a guy walking down the street without his shirt.... oh- oh my LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY!!"

yeah. that was very peculiar. 

well he did have allot of pride!!

has anyone seen the Vow looks really good!!

I really wanted to watch it, but then I saw that it had sexual content; so I think my chances of actually watching it are pretty low right now. =/

ya but sadly there is soo many shows like that... you can't get away from it... ya i am not watching it either 

thought Hunger Games was sorta romantic. the book is more, but the movie wasn't bad. She went looking for Peeta and then took care of him.

ya i agree completely! 


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