Books, movies and TV characters included, who are your past & present fictional character crushes? 

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I legitly think I'm in love with Tintin. Yup. 

ME 2!!

Used to have a major crush on Legolas.

Lol, me too. (Gone now)

ya ...understandable when the guy in like....married...

Yeah, that makes it rather awkward. :P

just a bit....ya....and has a daughter

I know she isn't fictional, but I used to have a crush on Annasophia Robb.

My current crushes would be:....

Kite from Yugioh Zexal (^~^)


Zeo Abyss from Beyblade metal masters (^~^)

I used to have a crush on slider from cyberchase. before they ruined him. *sigh* that was horrible! they should have written him out once they found his dad!

Haha I currently have a major crush on Day from the book Legend

My current crushes on characters from books will be:

Lance and Lucian from Illuminate

Jack from Everneath

And...well i have a whole lot more than just these 3 :)


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