Books, movies and TV characters included, who are your past & present fictional character crushes? 

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Yes, yes, Jack from Titanic is really cute. Actually, there are a lot of cute movie Jack's. Jack Sparrow, anyone?  

I had a crush on Aragorn from LOTR for the longest time... and Legolas. 

ya i know that feeling....

*sigh* Jack Sparrow is awesome... to bad he's like 30 years older then me...

Oh, don't worry about age. My fictional crush is in his sixties right now. :P


wel it depends who it is...

Larry the Cucumber?

I know I've had a ton of fictional crushes, I just can't think of very many of them right now.

Oh, I did have a crush on the Prince from The Prince of Persia (the game) for a while.

I had a crush on Botley the robot fom Jumpstart 3rd grade. you had to feel sorry for him. having to fix things after his charge locks herself in her father's study and messes up the past and present using 25 of her dad's robots.

ROFL that game stunk......I saw Zena Grey in the newer Shaggy Dog movie and fell in love. Of course, when Kierra joined CB I changed my mind.......

never saw that movie..... well i guess you gota move to canada!! lol :D 

THAT GAME IS THE BEST JUMPSTART GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you see, he was my only friend in 3rd grade. homeschool life can be so cruel.

Do you have one?


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