Ever wondered or dream of having a date with a story character and whatnot? Well post it to share it :)

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I think Karen Shivoski of the Dimension team would be an amazing lady to date.

She is so awesome

this you get from two stories?

Bladeangel's girls top Karen infinitely!


guess she just reminds me of you.

Idk all these other characters, unfortunately

well, maybe you should.

How tardy of you, Lady Bladey.

a princess is never late. everyone else is just early.

I would love to at LEAST get to know Gabil, a furry white bat in Ted Dekker's series
...oh, we're going for humans here? Ok, uh.....wow I don't know
....I still want to meet Gabil though, he's sooooo cute and charming!
I've been dreaming of going on a date with my new character Toys Rxiy, hes soon to be more awesome in my new story :)


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