What is your idea of and unforgettble or a perfact date. Or if you have already had your perfect date, share it here

Like my idea of a perfact date would be a picnic on the beach, then a walk on the beach holding hands and then afterwards lying in the sand and looking up at the stars

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that sounds awesome.

i guess i got alot of ideas for perfect dates, but i think the little quirks that happen during a "perfect date" help make things absolutely perfect.

This isn't a date, btu just an example of what i thought was a perfect friendly gettogether. Earlier this month Pathfinder and I got lost in the library trying to find a novel i needed for lit class. it was just two friends having fun while getting helplessly lost in the dewey decimal system. (turns out we were close the whole time. lol)

Amused that Pathfinder got lost.

that would be nice or a after noon at a lake, sitting talking on the dock!!

(i am saying this because we don't have an ocean near by!! lol :) 


Hey Spa Doodle, you would be with Josh Hutcherson, am I right? :P

hahahahahahaha........and no, im SO over him......hahahaha lol!!!!!!!!!

Ha-ha! LOL

no actually the perfect date for me would be going quading in the muddy season!! YA

oh and ummm i would love to go searching through the thick forest that i found last year summer it has moss that when you step down covers your foot and i was their with my best friend and he and i were like astounded by this we came to a clearing where all the trees had fell out like a circle and all the moss around it had folded over and made a hole in the base of the tree! IT looked like a hobbit house and their was at least 10 of these and we found 1  that you could stand up in, i lined the whole thing with moss so that we could sit because the ground was frosty and it was melting so it was wet very wet, The whole forest was covered in a dew it was soo magical i wish  you could see it it was unlike anything i have ever seen!! I want to go back there again really bad with Terrel again soo bad!!!

ya it waz it really waz!!

it WAZ!!!!!

haha i laughed at that!!

ummmm..... no i guess hes my best friend and i have only known him for my whole life!!

But hes awesome!!!!

Hes my only best friend!

wow! that sounds so magical!!!


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