What is your idea of and unforgettble or a perfact date. Or if you have already had your perfect date, share it here

Like my idea of a perfact date would be a picnic on the beach, then a walk on the beach holding hands and then afterwards lying in the sand and looking up at the stars

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Never been kayaking......

 we have 2

and we live on a lake

Get up arounddd....ermm...9? Women usually like to sleep in, soooo..

Take her to get breakfast at a decent place, but nothing amazing. Like bobevans. Try to get a booth seat, because it's better to sit side by side at breakfast. Leave the whole across from each other for dinner.

Yayyy. OUTSIDEEEE! Go to a park,beach,mall or activity. Such as a boat trip or train ride. x3 Burn time while having fun. CONVERSATION is required, and a lot of it.

Coffee or tea for lunch. (Coffee/tea=Minor small foods with whatever drink....just so you're not like "OGM! We' starve!111!") Make sure to have a nice place to sit, out of the sun. I don't know why, but jokes are always funnier when you're drinking something. So throw one or two out.

If you haven't been to a mall or an activity, now is the time to do so. Nothing extreme, it upsets the tummyx)

Yay. Who doesn't love dinner? Put chur carkeys down. You're making it yourself, fewl. Unless y'know, you suck at cooking. Then just order a pizza or something. If you can cook, make something super good but easy. And you should try to get her to watch you cook. x3 

Movvvieeeeeeee. Once again, no car keys. Pick a movie from home or netflix or somethin', curle up on the couch or whatever you have. You shouldn't really take during movies, unless you need ta. So shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

WEeeeeelllllllllll, it really depends upon your view on the whole distance thing. SOOOOOOO. If you're like that, skip it, take her home.

If not, go sleep until morning, preferably with an arm around her. Both men and women sleep better when with somebody they're attracted to.

Wake up earlier than her, get out of bed without waking her up. Go FIX BREAKFAST FEWL! Something simple. Like eggs,hashbrowns,bacon and toast. And REAL bacon, not fake canadian bacon. Fix it, take it to herrrr. What girl doesn't like breakfast in bed, being woken with a kiss and bacon??? Music is an option, has to be soft though.

After she's done and ready, take her home, walk her to the door and HUG her goodbye. x3

Kay. Thanks. Bai.

*cough* at least Canadian bacon isn't dunked in grease. *cough*

Ma'am, that's why you pat it with a grease cloth afterwardsX)


i prefer ice cream to bacon, but that still sweet.

I know this is terribly un-romantic, but @spa doodle, PLEASE FIX THE TITLE! The spelling error is driving me CRAZY!

Thank you.

Hahaha sorry...when I'm mobile I have this stupid autocorrect thing and for some strange reason it misspells perfact and it wont let me fix it.....but I shall try again....seed it did it again..its annoying

Wow Andy. You spend a lot of time dreaming these things up, or does it just come natural to you?

X) Not to be rude, but it comes naturally.

Not sure why that would seem rude...

Wow, you have talent :)

Only one thing....

You gotta carry the girl to bed when she's reeeeeeeally tired. Just ain't right other wise.


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