The Miller Brothers are the award-winning co-authors of several books for young adults and children.

They were born under the northern lights of the icy tundra of Fairbanks, Alaska where they spent their early years being raised by a family of raccoons. Then, one day a black-bearded frontiersman discovered the boys. He carried them home where he and his wife lovingly adopted the two as sons. The newfound parents operated a store selling magic portals and, in time, taught the boys the secret of traveling between worlds. As they grew older, the two brothers were allowed to venture through the portals on their own as long they returned before supper. Alas, tough times came to the last frontier and the little shop of portals was forced to close. But the brothers never forgot the places they visited or how to get there.

Neither thought they would one day grow up to become world-famous authors but during one of their many adventures they recovered a magic wand made of lead. With this wand, they found they could draw amazing pictures and write words in ways that would open portals to new worlds that had yet to be discovered. It was then the boys realized they had a special gift...the gift of creation. Their destiny was beginning to unfold.

Of course, all good kids go to college and so the boys decided to attend the Art Institute of Seattle where they learned how to advance their skills in magic by acquiring a degree in Computer Animation and Multimedia Design.

Today, they write their own stories for young adults and children. Their award-winning books include the Codebearers Series (Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow, Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, and Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends) and two Heroes of Promise picture books. The Miller Brothers books have been translated into many languages and can be found in the eager hands of fellow portal travellers around the world.


The brothers are currently published by Warner Press. Their book list includes two picture books and two youth fiction novels. The Heroes of Promise Series picture books ("Gid the Kid and the Black Bean Bandits" & "Ten-Gallon Sam and the Perilous Mine") are wild west retelling of classic old testiment legends. Their award-winning Codebearer Series novels ("Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow", "Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire", & "Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends") are exciting fantasy fiction adventures for ages 9 and up.

The Miller Brothers are formally trained with a degree in Computer Animation. They have also worked as animators for the popular CBA kids video series, Juniors Giants, in addition to being published authors and illustrators.

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