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The Codebearers Series may just be the most exciting books released this year...but don't take our word for it, see what our readers are saying about the book!


I got lost in the story...
I felt as if I wasn't just reading anymore but was actually there. Be warned...my mom had to call me 3 times before I could gather enough willpower to put the book down. Awesome book, I enjoyed it very much.
Johnathan Carter, 12

A rare reading pleasure...
...I haven't had for years. The Miller Brothers are very gifted and conscientious writers. Even though Hunter Brown is a work of youth fiction, it is based on a well-informed and inclusive understanding of the faith.
Chaplain Major John F. Tillery, Maxwell AFB AL

You can't put it down. It's action-packed and a great adventure. I am eager for the next book.
Jessica Hughes, 16

The Miller Brothers have nailed it
This book takes you back to wild and magical lands reminescent of the places where Tolkein and C.S. Lewis wandered in their books...It makes you question if there is a greater purpose being fulfilled in every part of your life. Well done!
Susan Peterson, Retired Educator

A rare find...
...that presents us with colorful, orginal characters that grow in strength and virtue as they face down a formidible enemey.It is not easy to find a work of fiction aimed at young teens that uses as its theme the importance of good character and courageous choices.
Sussanne Greenman, Middle School Paraeducator

This book is awsome.
This book is very special. It's not like any ordinary book, when you read it, it's like your actually there, experiencing what is happening.
Brianna Wilson, 11

I started reading this book and it seemed like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book! It was awesome! It was one of the best books I have ever read! I can't wait for the next book to come out!
Christianna Bishop, Teen on Summer Vacation, 12

Hunter Brown: Most awesome hero ever.
I loved Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow!! It was such a great book with many twists and turns. It is no doubt the best book I've ever read in my whole life.
Kaya, 14

ONE of the BEST
One of the best stories I have read ever!!!! it only took my about two days to finish it I could not put it down!!
Sam Craig, A Publisher's Son, 14

The Coolest Book Around!
Wow, I was awestruck this book had so much detail I felt as if Hunter Brown was sitting next to me telling me about his adventures. This is the coolest book ever!
Lulu G., 15

Awesome book!
This is a great book. It has everything: adventure, mystery, humor, love, and more. The message is also very good and clear. I can't wait for the next book.
Bryan Riedl, 18

Thoughtful and fun
I just finished reading Hunter Brown. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was thought provoking, that's what I liked the best, but I am a mom and not a boy. ;) A lot of adventure, realism and spiritual allegories, plus a good dose of laughter. I really appreciate your writing and will look forward to the next book.
Abigail Davidson, Homeschool Mom, 32

I love this book!
The book was so exciting and suspenseful that I could hardly put it down.
Kaleb, 10

I LOVE the book
Hunter Brown is one of the most thrilling books I've read in a long time. I absolutely recommend this book to anybody who can read.
Zach , 12

What a great read, captivating, exciting and action packed. All ages can read and appreciate this wonderfully written and imaginative story, I couldn't wait to read it each day. Nice one!!
Tim Marshall, Bookshop Manager, 28

It is the best book I have EVER read!! I STRONGLY recommend this book to all who can read!!! It had some many twist and turns I kept wondering "whats going to happen next"?
Sara D., homeschooler, 14

I love this book so much I could read it over and over again!!!!!!
Joe Williams, 13

This is THE best book i've read by far. When is the next book coming out?
Bre, 12

A Must Read!
Be forewarned, I was up until 11:30 before my flesh overcame my will and forced me to put down Hunter Brown. I was up around 6:00 the next morning and finished it. I don't do that often. The book is that good.
Mark Gray, Student, 17

My 11 year old son LOVED the book and is looking for the next one already. My 19 year old daughter has been anxiously awaiting for her brother to finish so she can read it. Awesome!
Brenda B., Homemaker, 43

This book is the best book in the world, I've read it six times already! It's so realistic! I loved this book and you will too!
Sophia Tiscareno, Book lover, 9

It was Awesome!
I loved the book. It was VERY interesting! I liked all the characters and I can't wait for the next book!
Christa Wilson

When I first picked up this book, I wasn't entirely sure of it. But once I got started, I couldn't put it down! Every time I was pulled away, the words would stick out in my mind. This is an awesome book to read. I highly recommend it!!!! I can't wait for #2!
Morgan Ganahl, Student, 15

Can't Wait for the Next One!
Out of all the books i've read, this one was probably the most exciting! It was a great pg turner, & it made me feel like was really there! I laughed, cried , and felt anger, with the characters as if i was one of them myself! I'm writing a book of my own for English in school, & this book really inspired me. THANKS MILLER BROTHERS!!!!!!!! wildcatrose
Rose Siegfried, 12

Book review
I enjoyed this book. The play on The Author and the Written Word are profound. I loved reading it and reading it to my three children. I am recommending for all friends and placing it in the local library for others to read. Thanks for such an inspiring Book!
Mrs. Cynthia Teter, E.M.T., 34

I read this with my brother. Then I thought it was so good I had to finish it without him! I like the inner fight Hunter has within himself, and how it ends up being his own war...It was cool. make more of these books!!! Please!!!!!!!!
Aaron, youth Pastor, 18

Great book for all ages!
The Miller Brothers rock! If you haven't read their books you need to!
Meagan, 12

What an amazingly well written story full of adventure that really makes you think about the choices we all must make along our path. The Christian elements while obvious, were wrapped in a creative, well told story. I have read the book 3 time already and cannot wait for the second installment next year.
CW Small, 11

Best Book I've read
Hunter Brown was the best book I've read in ages! The graphics are awesome, and the storyline was perfect. The Miller Bros. are nice, and www.codebearers.com is awesome!
mary cooley, 11

Modern Classic
Out of the many books I've read, this is indeed one of the best. A modern classic not just for kids, but for adults as well. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to any fiction lover
Michael Snyder, Student, Writer, and Teenager, 14

My 10 yr old son loves the book!
He can barely put the book down. I got it to replace the GooseBumps series. I wanted something more positive. He says its the best book he has ever read! Thanks so much! Also, will there be another--He's almost finished with #1

Book Review
This book was so good I could not even put it down. It is full of adventure, and love. I have read the book too many times to count.
emma johnson, book reader, 11

This book is awesome
I never used to like reading books with more than 100 pages. BUT, when my mom got me this book I could not put it down. It was so goooood and exciting. Now my teachers want to read it.
EAC, 12

Best Book In The World!!!
I don't think I've ever read such a great book in my life and trust me I've read allot of books in my life. I think it has a wonderful ending yet sad at the same time. It has a wonderful twist at the end. Pure genius!I never would have thought of it!Can't wait till the next book comes out!THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyson, 12


Kyle Collier, 14

i love this book
i love this book.it is so good i love it.i am so glade now i can pass it on just like my cousin passed alone to me.
abby england, School, 10

hunter brown
It's a great book. Hunter Brown is your average teenager. He lives with his mum and his sister and has two best friends which love to pull pranks with him. His life is perfectly normal until destiny pulls him into a parallel realm - the land of the Shadow.
mike jopson, student, 14

Awsome book
This was a great book!!! One of those books you just can't put down until you finished it. The Miller Brothers also do a great job of making you feel like you are actually in the story. It also had some great values and truths in it.
Josh Badal, homeschooler, 15

A awesome book!
I thought this book was amazing. I am glad my cousin showed me this book
hailey J, Student, 9

great book
this book was great from the first few pages and doesn't get boring as i read on. i would stay up late reading this book because it was so hard to put down.
matt rzeszuto, student, 16

This book is amazing. I only read it because my mom grounded me from the computer, but once I started, I couldn't put it down
Samantha Slootweg, pirate captian and craziest person on earth, 14

Awesome book!
I love this book a bunch! I am so glad that my friend told me about it.!
Calvin S, secret agent ninja that is no longer a secret, 12

Hunter Brown and the secret of the shadow is the best book EVER!!!!! I have never ever read a book this good before and liked it! It Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading.-nicebook
Seth Mueller, santa's elf=), 14

This Book Is Powerful
As I read this book, I could see the ties between this story and the story of Salvation. This book has power! Lots of it! I would recommend it to everyone. Can't wait to see how the next book turns out.
M W, Codebearer

this is the best book ever
Melanie West

Most wonderful book I've ever read! Like a mix between my two favorite series. It's Frank E. Peretti and Narnia all in one. Keep on writing!!!
michelle templin, 13, 2 months till 14

I just got through reading it and I all could say is WOW! It has unexpecting things that make you jump!
Joseph Ely, 12

My son received this book for a Christmas present. I decided to read it as he was reading another book at present. It is wonderful. Great storyline, adventure, great in making decisions and know what is true in your heart. Awesome use of characters. My son will be sure to read it also...he can't believe i'm reading it so fast..he's starting to peek over my shoulder...and I'm not even finished yet.
Lisa Morgan, Office Tech, 40

I loved this book. it reminds me a bit of the Chronicles OF Narnia. Maybe even better.
Teague, 12

Very Good Book!
The Secret of The Shadow was a very good book! I enjoyed the parts about the flaming swords. The book was so good that I finished it in two or three days. I recommend this book to anybody that likes multi-emotional allegory books.
Seth N., future inventor- Narnia scholar -writer, 8

please give us some more!!!!!!!
I really love this book! can't wait to read the next one! me and my friend have both read it and it was GOOD! I thank Terri and Steve Moeller,my "Grandparents" for giving this wonderful book for Christmas! By the way, keep going with the Heroes of Promise series,my younger siblings love them!
Michelle Templin, Big sister, Babysitter, and Sunday school helper, 1 month till 14

Inspiring, Encouraging, Refreshing!
In a world swamped with literature that does nothing but lead young people astray, this book was a dream come true for me! As a young adult I was moved and left in awe of the entire journey Hunter endures, and the amazing redemption he's offered on the simple acts of repentance and surrendering his life to the will of the Author. This is a book I'll recommend to everyone!

OM Gosh this is the best book I have ever read and that is saying a lot cuz I like, read every book there is to read. I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens next keep up the good work :) :) :)
Ellie, Student, 11

Great Book
Wow! talk about a fascinating book to read. Once I got into it, I wanted to keep on reading. I loved the Christian imagery throughout the whole book. I can't wait 'till the second one comes out!
Andrew, 14

This Book is AWSOME!
After my Nana read this book, she sent it to me. I have never read such a good book! And Hunter is so cool!
Victoria McCarty, 11

I love this book!!!! it feels like i'm being pulled into the story itself I have read it seven times i want to xoxoxoxo this book like a million times!!!
Alessandra Arkenau, 10

They've done it!
The Miller Brothers have found the secret to interweaving fun non-stop action with life-changing lessons. This is my FAVORITE book ever!
John Ralston , Extensive reviewer of all manner of books, 11

This book is totally AWESOME. Where was this stuff when I was a kid?
Josh Kirmer, 11

.......I'm addicted
This book was truly amazing, it was hard to put the book down! I've been yelled at by my Mom because I neglected to do my chores and instead I read the book. I finally realized that I was addicted when my brother confronted me. But, I like this addiction. Keep it up Miller Brothers, hurry up with the next book please!
Jake R75, Student, 11

Awesome book!!!
I think your book was cool because it had a good similarity to the bible.I could just tell who was who from the bible to your book.You guys are the best authors I've ever heard of.Great job at making your book.I hope God blesses you by giving you more ideas for your books.
David Tupua, 11

Totally awesome!!!
This book was so good.Every day my teacher would read this book,I could hardly wait until she read it and every time she stopped reading I would beg her to read more.I just know the 2nd book will be just like the 1st,funny,a lot of action,and just plain old ......cooooooollllll!!!!
David Tupua, 5th grader, 11

Awesome Book
I loved this book! It was one of the best books I have ever read.
Aush kosh, student, 12

That was the best book ever and I hate reading! Every one should read this book.
Brianna, ?, 12

Best Book Ever!!!!!!
The book is so good! I'm very picky on the books i read, but this one is one of the best! I read it in a week though, i wish it was longer......... but its really good! A++++ WoW!!
Hannah M., 11

Way Cool Dude!
The Miller Brothers have learned the secret to combining life-changing spiritual truths with awesome adventure. My favorite book EVER!!!
John Ralston, Extensive reveiwer of all manners of books, 12

Totally AWESOME!!!
ther is no other word but AWESOME.
jACOB mATHEWS, I'm out of work., 12

Are we reading a book, or a masterpiece?
I loved this book. So much in just one book. Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson better watch out for this series.
Will, 13

J. Williams, 9

This is the best book i have ever read. It is actually pretty much the only chapter book i have completed.I cannot wait till the next book comes out.
Jacob V., 9

Awsome Book
Great book, I felt like I was in the book. I can't wait for the second book to come out!
Tyler Couse, 10

The best book ever!!!!!!!!
This book is awesome. I couldn't stop reading it when I got it. That is special because I usually don't like this kind of book. I can't wait for the sequel!
Nathan Strong, Agent of the Author, 13

I read 318 of the pages in 2 hours!!! You will not be able to put it down!!!!!
Austin Zimmerman, 12

I thought this book would be boring but I thought wrong! This book is action packed and I literally could not put it down. It has a great christian message and I can't wait to buy the second book.
Dylan burney, student, 11

I can`t wait till the new book comes out!
Aaron.Hartley, I can`t wait , 11

One of the BEST books I have read
I have read many books in my life. If there was a list this would be at the top somehwere. The book ending leaves you hanging. Great Job Miller Brothers. Can't wait until the next one.
Jess, student genius, i don't have enough fingers

The best series ever!
This is one of the best books I've ever read! I love the covers to the books but most important....I love the story! I can't wait till' the 2nd book comes out. I've already asked my mom to get it.....but......I can't wait!!!
David Tupua, totally awesome pitcher, 11

Totally off the charts awesome!!
This is one of the best books I ever read. I love the storyline, the suspense, creatures, challenges, everything! I'm so the biggest fan ever! Can't wait until the next one comes out!
Daniel Goetz, 14

Hunter Brown is the best book since The Chronicles Of Narnia.
Ezra Guerra, homeschooler, 10

The book was great
It had a lot of suprising twist and turns and some people that I was amazed to see I loved it and cannot wait for the next book.
Codebearer lover, fan, 13

My husband is a youth minister and we started a book club for kids 11 to 18 for the summer. The book has been a great opportunity for kids to ask questions and for us to open God's word and show symbolism and share verses that compare with the book. Can't wait for the next one.
Cayla Mayes, Life Skills Paraprofessional , 25

Great Piece of Writing
A great read. I really enjoyed reading this as I read it faster than I've ever read any book before. Great job Miller Brothers!
Josh , Codebearer, 14

This book is incredible!
I have read many books in my life including the Odyssey, the Aeneid, C.S. Lewis' books, J.R.R. Tolkein's books, and the Phantom of the Opera, and this one DEFINITELY rates in my top 5 list. I love the fact it has so many ties to the Bible like spiritual warfare, the 'code of life', sacrifice, and an Author who loves and cares for all his creation. In this book, as C.S. Lewis once said,"We find ourselves sharing the character's burden, and we return to our own life not relaxed, but fortified."
Alexis Collins, A dedicated reader, 13

Super Awesome!!!
I loved this book so much!! My brother said he was going to read it first but I couldn't wait so I read it before him!! I read it in two days because it was so good!! My mom said that I needed to take a break!
Madison Woodard, 11

Read this book!
It's great! You need to read these books. They're great, funny, and awesome!
David Tupua, baseball pitcher, 0-99

Awesome Book
This was probably the most awaesome book since narnia! the book seemed to be a 3D movie that came to life as soon as you opened it. i'm definetly telling my friends about this book!
Carolina Cruz, 12

A Review On a Great Book...
I just finished reading Hunter Brown for the fourth time. I decided to re-read it before I started on a new book I got. There are not very many books like Hunter Brown. Personally, that is very sad. Their should be more good fantasy fiction books out.
Maxwell Robert, Author

Great Read!
I originally purchased this book for my son, but I picked it up and read it first (I like to know what he's reading). I loved it! Very suspensful, action filled. I'm going to get the next one for myself to read first too!
Tricia R., MRI tech, 35

a must read thriller
incredible!! amazing!! on barns&noble.com it gave the book twenty-two ratings but on my watch it should have one thousand million ratings.
Spencer St. John, A kid. , 8

so coool!
i love all the action and how "real" the characters are.
Daryl Lakner

I love Hunter Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awsome book. I can't wait to read the next! You Guys Rock!!!
Tyler Couse, 5th Grader, 10

Promiseland Christian Lng Ctr. Loves Hunter Brown
Our Elementary Students have chosen this book to be this semesters’ literature book. The students are reading 1 chapter a day and writing a review on it. The students are 2nd graders! Yes, one of the students has read the entire book! On of our younger students is reading Gid the Kid. We use all 4 of their wonderful books! Thank you, Miller Brothers!
Diane..Promiseland Christian, Director, 5-8

super fantastic I could read that book all day and it so much drama and action in
AC Warner, 11

I mean, wow. O-wow... O my gosh, and wow... It was absolutely (wow) amazing... It makes me cry!
Dixie Pittman, 12

This is SO COOL!
These books are so good! I read them more than I ever read Narnia... no offense to C.S. Lewis! I hope that more are written soon!
Joy_to _the_world, Codebearer in the veil, 12

Man O Man!
This book beats all! Yo, my mom read me this book and I loved it til the end. Hunter was a radical dude who was awesome to the extreme! I also like Sam, he was wicked cool! And the end... well, lets just say I needed alot of tissues! Man O man did I LOVE this book. Read it y'all! You won't be disappointed
Jonah W, Rapper, 15

The Consuming Fire
Awesome book! Thrilling, Dramatic, Christian, Who could ask for a better teen book? I wouldn't know.
stephanie anderson, Online (almost) All the Time Fan., 12

Best book i've read
This is one of the best books on planet earth!!! I read it over and over again. You guys really nailed it on this one!!!!!!!
Chris Urquia, Private Detective, 13

These books are so good they are a must read.I told my mom about them to and she loved them also. this book is'nt just for teens but, also for adults and, children.I give the Miller brothers two thumb up!
Caleb Painter, 12

a must read thriller!
This book is so thrilling, so action packed, I remember when I got it... it was so addicting. You need to get it! It's an amazing book!
Spencer St.john, commedy, 8

I am speechless with delight!
Firewall, 10

I've Been Sucked In!!!!!!
I actually got this book for Christmas because my mom thought I'd like it. I recognized it right away. My friend had been hooked on it last year. She said it was amazing. I was hooked on another series at the moment though and put it off down the reading list for awhile. So one day I found it again when I was bored on a Saturday (which should never happen!). I thought, "Oh, I'll just read a few pages of this book. I'll probably not get hooked." BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! As soon as I started reading I couldn't put it down! I zipped through the first book and the second, and NOW I got my other friend sucked into it too!
Jenneth, 12

Hunter Brown Rocks
I completely zone out when reading Hunter Brown! I think they're awesome! My favorite character is Hunter but in the second book my favorite Boojum!
Jackson Harvey, Kid!, 10

New Book a Hit!!!
As with book 1, book 2 is on FIRE! Awesome writing! These books are so needed in today's world. SOOOO can't wait for book 3!
M W, Writer

this is the best book ever. it was exitng suspencefull and amazing. if you like adventure this book is for you
caleb byrd, 11

Where's number three!
This is no ordinary book!Once you start reading you can't stop! It feels like you're there. I think the Miller Brothers did a great job and its bringing me closer with God. Great book!!!!!!!
Camper Garcia, 13

Surprisingly amazing
I found this book superb in every way. I am fond to its genre, and I am a strong Catholic, I love it's bonds to a higher being, and how everything has a purpose. I loved the ending, and I think it's a great read for all ages.
Antonio, 13

an AWSOME book
I love the Codebearers Series. I'm not a reader but this series, lets just say, you can't pull me away. I love the christian background.
Kailey Graham, school kid, 12

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