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back at it again with unwanted commentary (TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!)

i agree with part of what Ariel was saying honestly the site is slowly turning into cancer...

Groups that should be forums in groups being started,

Zhadow (not an admin or someone who does have official authority or power on this website. Not bashing him just simply stating a fact) randomly

going in them and speaking his mind about how they are irreverent, everyone starting fights over the smallest of things, my commentary on such things(also no one with any sort of power or…


Posted on March 2, 2017 at 12:33pm — 5 Comments

dang... just wow..

I'm sorta glad I'm not on here very often (no offense XD take all the offense you want tho) Alexis and Zhadow just can't keep from going at it, like this site is now mostly beef and debates between them that accomplish just about nothing, honestly I wish I had the time to come on here and debate about lame topics for 1-3 hours. Again I'm kinda sorry if your offended by this but I can't help it if you are 

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 12:03am — 8 Comments

you all are crazy

you people are so touchy and argue anything to the dirt and then rake it through the mud. honestly you all need to chill out one person has an opinion respect it at least they have one even if you don't like it  

Posted on January 28, 2017 at 11:37am — 16 Comments

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At 7:16pm on June 8, 2017, Kayash said…
At 6:37am on May 7, 2017, Meme Man said…
Oosh. Difficult.
At 8:39pm on April 24, 2017, Meme Man said…

Well. What's your name? Use it? Maybe in a humorous way like I did. (My last name is Watts so naturally...)

At 9:57pm on April 7, 2017, Meme Man said…

You should totally change your name bro

At 9:05am on March 23, 2017, Meme Man said…


At 8:07am on March 3, 2017, Irene Starr said…

Why is it stupid to protest about gay rights? And actually, what even are gay rights? I mean, what rights don't they have?

Why was weed first banned? And just to clarify, weed is the same as marijuana, correct?

I agree that there are a ton of hypocritical Christians, but really...Why is it such a big deal? Nobody's perfect. Now, I'm not trying to "justify" their sinful behavior. But people mess up. For example, I believe lying is a sin, and I don't want other people lying, but sometimes I still lie. And I'm convicted because it's wrong, and I confess my sin. Also, how do you know that everyone who calls themselves Christians ARE, in fact, Christians? I believe a lot of people call themselves Christians just for the sake of calling themselves Christians, or to lead non-believes astray, if that makes sense. Oh, and I also believe EVERYONE is a hypocrite, no matter who you are. Or they have been hypocritical.

It makes sense to not believe someone is a Christian unless you can see it in their fruits. I feel the same way about people. Someone may say they follow Christ, and I'll think, "Person, I don't believe you. If you're a Christian, why do you do this, this, and this?" Then again, even after becoming saved, people still have bents to certain sins, and sometimes give in.

At 1:15am on March 3, 2017, Meme Man said…


At 3:11pm on March 2, 2017, Irene Starr said…


Okay. You say you have different views than most Christians...What exactly do you mean by that?

At 2:56pm on March 2, 2017, Irene Starr said…

Lol. If that were true, it would cover a ton of things! XD

In all seriousness, though, there are things I've...discussed with Zhadow that I felt I needed to. Certain things mean a lot to me. For example, anything faith-related. Or the topics of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. There are things I KNOW are wrong (like the three topics I listed), and if someone disagrees, I'll try to figure out why they disagree, while simultaneously trying to show them where they're wrong. That's just who I am.

Another question - or, should I say, set of questions: Are you more liberal or conservative? Are you pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ+, and anti-guns? Or are you pro-life, anti-LGBTQ+, and pro-guns? Are you one of those people who talk about "not imposing your morality on others," or do you believe in Jesus Christ? 

I'm not asking so I can debate you. I'd just like to know so I know what I can talk to you about. Since, you know, you're one of my CB friends, and you're online more than you used to be. :)

At 2:50pm on March 2, 2017, Sabrina said…

Yup. That happens when you don't get on often as I have found out.

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