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Stories i've been writing titles

    I love to write and tell stories

 so over the last couple of years i've been      writing different   stories ,I don't stay on one    story for long  I end up writing a different one and not finishing the stories i'm working on. 

Titles of my stories ↓They are not in the order  I started writing them.

Where the rain takes…


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The boy with eye's like a sea just a little something i've been writing

The boy with eyes like a sea.

A boy stood still in the soft summer breeze, he was tall and smelled like sand,

his hair was brown and his eyes blue, as the sun shone on his face,

His eyes turned green and blue like the sea wild and free.


He was a different kind of boy free and wild as can be,

Filled with a wild…


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randome sayings

I may not amount to much in this life, but I am a treasure in the arms of Christ! .

In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed. 

LIFEGUARD; mine walks on water.

One day I will live in a castle, because my father is the King.

We all have our own call of duty. Mine is to serve Christ.

J.M.J is what i print on the back of all…


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more great random sayings

fave math equation is 1 cross + 3 nails= all 4 us.

I have CRAYONS!! You do NOT want to mess with me!.

When you need strength ASAP - Always Say A Prayer. 

DORK- Daughter of the Risen King. 

Your faith has got to be greater than your fear.

FBI: firm. believer. in. Jesus Christ! :).

is PROUD to be a CHRISTIAN! . . just sayin.



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random Song of the day along with songs of the week

 I will name a new song 

and that will be my song for the day or the week 

look at the comments  and you will see my song of the day or the song for the week.

I think i'm going to change this up a bit i shall post more then one song  when i am on  so that when i can't be on there will always at lest be something newer to listen…


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Random pic of the day and week.

Once  a week  or more i'll post a new pic  any one who would like to post a picture of anything feel free to.



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Your Fav Music Artists

 Any music artists as long as there your fav's.  

My favs are . 

(Paul Colman)

(Toby Mac) 

(Switch Foot) 

(Owl City)

(Matthew West)


(Robin Mark)

(Chris Tomlin)

(Francesca Battistelli)

(Mercy Me) 

(Taylor swift )

(Britt Nicole) 

(Casting Crowns)



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