This is where we're going to discuss the plot for our role-play and then we'll get started.

Alrighty, here's what we know so far.

You can have up to three characters. If you want more than three we may make an acception, but you'll have to talk to everyone in the group.

The story is set in a AU where the Cb books never happened. A codebearer is going to end up being the villain.

And our start date is March seventeenth.

(And this is our basis for a profile. If anyone wants to suggest a category that needs to be added just lemme know)

Name: (Must have a first and last name)
Age: (No younger than 13)
Shadow or Codebearer:
Weapon: (Specify if it's a Veritas weapon or a normal weapon.)

Jessi aka Snow White's character(s)

Name: Sadie Drake

Age: 18


Image result for golden brown hair magna girl

Bio: Though born in Solandria, Sadie grew up in the Veil with her grandfather for her own protection, visiting Solandria only a few times in her younger years. Her parents crossed between the two worlds quite frequently, always bringing an exciting new gift for their daughter. Then one day, when Sadie was 10, they stopped coming. They'd just vanished in Solandria. Grandpa Drake raised Sadie and her younger sister, Arley, until he died a week after Sadie's 18th birthday. Now Sadie lives in her grandfather's house, taking care of Arley.

Allegiance: She'll become a Codebearer, though she currently denies the existence of Solandria, claiming instead it was just a fantasy she and her sister shared.

Weapon: Veritas bow

Name: Delilah Mabhul

Age: 34


black hair anime girl with green eyes - Google Search ...

Bio: Delilah, though supportive in her brother's quest to unite the Universes into a utopia, doesn't necessarily agree with his methods in using dark arts and wizardry; she's afraid of losing him to the power of evil. Her goal has always been to stick by Karawan's side and hopefully keep him sane.

Allegiance: Shadow if her brother is, but could possibly become a Codebearer

Weapon: Twin swords (non Veritas)

Name: Jade (real name unknown)

Age: 34


See the source image

Bio: Orphaned by Dreadwings at an early age, Jade practically raised herself until she was 15. Then she found the Codebearers and was adopted as a younger sister of Mrs. Drake. She also met Yakov, and the two have been partners in bounty hunting ever since.

Allegiance: Codebearer

Weapons: a Veritas sword; non-Veritas sword, and a non-Veritas bow

Other: Jade and Yakov were two of the people specifically hunting the Dreadwings

Starlight aka Arely's characters

Name: Arely Drake

Age: 13


Hair and clothes

Most accurate for everything else

Bio: Arely was born in Solandria, but fearing for their children’s safety, her parents thought they would be safer staying in the Veil with their grandpa. Arely and her sister, Sadie, still visited Solandria from time to time, and their parents would come visit them too. Until one day, they didn't come back to the veil.

Years went by, and Sadie had dismissed Solandria as a world of their imagination. A game she would play with her sister. Arely, however, never lost hope.

Then, her Grandpa died. Before he died, he gave Arely a book, which he called “The Author's Writ”

He knew that she still believed, and gave her the book because of it.

Afraid of what her sister might think, Arely kept the book a secret from her, reading it only in her room with the door closed.

Then, one day, when they had a friend over, they found the book. They asked for Arely to read it, so Arely hesitantly opened it.

As soon as she had finished the first passage, the friends were pulled into the realm of Solandria, which is in need of their help.
Other: Sadie Drake is her sister
Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer
Weapon: Veritas sword

Ringwraith aka the lyrical assassin's characters

Name: Amber Neely
Age: 17
Appearance: Tall, redish-blonde hair,
blue eyes, has a prosthetic left leg

Bio: Amber grew up in the slums of Philadelphia with her Dad. Following a traumatic shooting experience that took her leg, Amber has an experience with the alternate dimmensions. Scarred and deeply troubled, Amber isolates herself from everyone she knows, including her best friend Fiel. 
Weapon: The spear of Shala Tye
(non veritas)

Name: Karawan Mabhul
Age: 39
Appearance: Slender, sharp features, green eyes, long black hair
Bio: Karawan, the conqueror of Thealand, is a master of dark arts and wizardry. He wishes to use his power to conquer every Universe and unite them under his leadership to create a utopia.
Shadow ?
Weapon: Blood-axe (non veritas)

Sabrina's characters

Name: Fiel Riven

Age: 18


Bio: Fiel lived in Philadelphia most of his life. Due to difficulty with bullying at one school his parents moved him to another. He met his best friend Amber at school shortly after swapping. They’ve known each other for about six years now. He often shares his lunch with her when she can’t afford to buy one. He also tried to help her in the subjects she struggled in. He constantly got onto her about forgetting things. Amber called him mom once because of the way he was treating her. That didn’t make him stop though. He enjoyed her company and liked to do things to make her happy. Things were good until the recent shooting. He was in the same class as Amber when it happened. He tried to protect her and at first he did, but ultimately it ended tragically. Fiel got hit in the chest and almost immediately went down. Amber was next. Fiel spent a few months in the hospital recovering and so did Amber. He came back with only a scar where the bullet entered. She lost her leg. Fiel blamed himself for that. She didn’t talk to him or anyone for a while after the incident. One day he got a text saying she was leaving. He tried calling her after he read the text, but she didn’t answer. He left a lot of messages on his way over to her house but found she wasn’t there.  He blamed himself for that too. He went home and packed a small bag. He left a note for his parents promising to call often and saying he’d be back as soon as he could. Then he went after Amber (By the time the roleplay starts he will have found her and is trying to convince her to come back)

Personality: (Easily annoyed, very caring, scolds people like he’s their mother)

Other: Fiel is still recovering so he’s not very strong and loses his breath easily. He’s take a number of self defense classes

Shadow or Codebearer: To be determined

Weapon: Vertais Sword

Name: Vert Torres

Age: 15


Bio: Vert was born and raised in solondria with the occasional trip with her parents to the veil to visit their friends, the Drakes. The Drakes were strong warriors and influential people in the codebearers community, but they feared for the safety of their children so their kids grew up in the veil with the occasional visit to solondria which always made Vert happy. She liked to think that Sadie and Arely were her friends. Everything was perfect, for a while at least.  But in continuing war against the shadows many people lost their lives, some are missing, and others lose themselves. The Drakes were among those people. They went out on one of their usually missions with their groups, but no one came back. After what happened to their friends, Vert's parents felt the Author calling them to step in, to do more, so they did. Each of them was placed in charge of different twenty-four-person groups that leave the sanctuary on various kinds of missions.  Her parents’ groups are constantly leaving the safety of the sanctuary. Vert gets left at their house with a friend of her parents, Karawan Mabhul, who comes over to watch her. He replaced Vert’s mother as an instructor at the training facility. When Vert was about eleven Karawan taught her how to defend herself and she took to the defense classes so well that he eventually taught her to fight. She loved fighting and learning. She keeps thinking if she gets good enough then she can go out of the sanctuary with her parents. Although every time she brings it up her parents say that she hast to stay. That doesn’t keep her from hoping. She keeps training with Karawan and spends as much time as she can hanging around him and his sister when her parents aren’t home.

Other: She’s a perfectionist and has a photographic memory.  Karawan has taken Vert out of the sanctuary a few times, but never far from the portal back to the sanctuary.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Vertias Bow and a steel sword that she usually keeps sheathed when she fights

Cypher's character

Name: Fred Dreadwing (Fred = Fierce red-wing (Real name Ethan) destroyers)
Age: As old as shadows
Appearance: 7-and-a-half-foot tall humanoid with pitch black skin and red bat like wings.   
Bio: One of the few remaining dreadwings Fred was part of the Red wing clan known to be the most powerful and cunning of the dreading factions. His most recent appointment was to take charge of the local shadow hordes and quell a growing codebearer rebellion in the area. 
Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow
Weapon: Dual Dark Katanas (Like regular katanas but made from a special alloy used only by shadow that cause non-shadow to go mad when injured by it.)

Christian's character

Name: Yakov (actually spelled Яков)

Age: 35


Bio: Born and raised in a Codebearer home, Yakov grew up as all other Codebearer children would. But he resented the Author and the Author's Writ, and has steadily been becoming darker. He's technically Shadow, though won't yet admit it. He met Jade ten years ago, and the two have been partners in bounty hunting ever since. 

Allegiance: Culturally Codebearer, Shadow at heart

Weapons: Corrupted Veritas sword; non-Veritas twin swords

Other: Yakov likes to speak with a Russian accent, and to pronounce his name in the Russian way. Also, Yakov and Jade were two of the people specifically targeting the Dreadwings.

Current story ideas: (I'd like to find a way to combine all of the)

What if two of us are friends or siblings and live in the Veil, and one of us is from Solandria, and the one from Solandria comes to the Veil for the two who are friends or siblings. Maybe there's a prophecy or something about those two from the Veil who need to save Solandria from something. Or not. Just throwing ideas out there. As for when this takes place compared to the CB books... Maybe after? I don't know. That's all I got for that. XD And for ages, maybe we can all be teenagers. Because who doesn't like a story about teens saving the world? (not being too sarcastic there; I actually don't mind those kinds of stories) Maybe one of the two from the Veil is the villain, and ends up with sibling against sibling or friend against friend? Or the one from Solandria could be the villain, bringing the two from the Veil to Solandria because they're supposed to save Solandria, but the villain's trying to get them first to prevent them from saving Solandria.

the reason the two from solondria went to the veil was in search of someone that went missing. It'd be someone the two from the veil know so they end up going to solondria to help find the person which leads up to a larger adventure.

So how about two of us (doesn't matter who) know each other and are good friends, and the other just moved to the neighborhood with a foster family after her Grandpa had died.
Before her Grandpa had died, he gave her a book. (The Authors Writ)
Maybe the other two invite her to one of their houses to get to know her, but instead they found the book when it fell out of get backpack.
They ask about it, so the girl hesitantly tells them what she knows about it, so then they want to read it, and now when she opens it, it pulls them all into Solondria.

The story idea we're using

(The one I wanna do because it's a combination of the three above)

Three of us could have a character in the Veil, two of whom are good friends and the other recently moved to the neighborhood after her grandpa died. The one whose grandpa died has a copy of the Author's Writ, which pulls all three into Solandria (basically like Starlight's idea - I think it was her idea). Maybe the girl who's grandpa died had been living with him because one or both of her parents disappeared in Solandria, though she doesn't necessarily know they're in Solandria. And then while trying to find her parents, the three end up caught in something huge. Like, saving Solandria kind of huge. And someone - either one of the three or someone who meets them in Solandria - should be a traitor. Or even the main villain.

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