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Favorite actor: uumm...i like a lot of actors...
Favorite band: theres too many to choose from lolz…

Favorite dead musician: dont got one

What do I do when I’m nervous: tap my foot/ run my fingers through my hair a lot

Who is my best friend: Michaela Carlson

What kind of puzzles do I like best: guys

Where do I get my sense of humor: a collection of all my friends

What did I get for Christmas: i dont remember...

What is my favorite thing to do near Christmas time: not doing skool

What style hair did my dad have at my age: idk

Who do I get my eye shape from: dad..i think..

Who did I have a crush on at age 5: Ryan Penderander
What kind of animal is Fred: monkey

Who is Fred: a ninja

What is my favorite school subject: literature

What sport did I teach myself: football. Swimming. Skateboarding.

Favorite book in the Bible: Revelation, Song of Solomon, Jeremiah, Lamentations

What you do when you’re stressed: call my friends

What you do when you’re mad at someone: punch my punching bag, cuss, explode.
What you do when you want to talk to someone you’ve never talked to before: just b myself :P

What is your favorite instrument: electric guitar

What is your nic-name: Super Sexy

Do you like Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Favorite song: well it depends on how i feel at the time. Right now its Last Resort by Papa Roach

Dark or Milk Chocolate: milk
Earliest memory: playing with my friends in preskool

Who do you call when you’re upset: Ben Chenult!! :D

Do you recycle: no

Big Mac or Whopper: big mac

Last book you read: Daughters of Darkness in the Nightworld series by L. J. Smith

Do you like the beach, or the mountains: beach

What kind of shoes are you wearing: black and purple checkered Vans

TV, or a book: depends how i feel..

Favorite store: donno..i lyk a lot of stores..

What was the last thing you ate: mac & cheese

Clean freak or total slob: leaning toward clean but i can b both at times
Favorite car: ohhh...hard Q....idk

Best gift you’ve ever received: idk

Best gift you’ve ever given: u would hav to ask every person ive ever come in contact with to get that answer
Do you wish on stars: no..

Ever been stung by a jellyfish: nope

Best cartoon ever: Lamas With Hats (look it up on youtube ppl!!)

What scares you: my family

Last person you spoke to: Michaela

Favorite doughnut: filled

Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: i done a lotta stupid stuff..

Been to New York City: yes

Best sitcom ever: Two and a Half men?

Been to LA: yes

Favorite place you’ve visited: OH
Least favorite vegetable: spinach

Dreamer or doer: both

One word to describe you: awesome

Name of your very first friend: Ryan

If I could, I would change my first name to: Savannah

Night light, or completely dark: completely dark

Ever pull an all-nighter: of course.

Believe in love at first sight: um...maybe

Best toppings for pizza: cheese pepperoni

Ever owned a goldfish: yes

Favorite holiday and why: Christmas..wellll....
Ever won anything: yup

Favorite flower: black and red roses and white lilies

What do you do on rainy days: walk in the rain

Coffee or tea: coffee

Oldest living relative: great grandma

Most annoying bug: Ben Geppert

Tanning oil or sunscreen: sunscreen
Are your nails: painted, chipped, fake, or bitten: painted

Do you wear painful shoes just because they’re cute: no

Best type of music: rock/ mettle

Ever been in love: hum..

Radio or iPod: iPod

Favorite actress: Kristen Stewart

Have a secret you’ve never told anyone: yeah but im not gunna blab it on the internet..

Do you believe in the tooth fairy:  oh yeah...sure

Favorite thing to snack on: depends wat am in the mood for..

Mall or outlet store: mall

Your absolute favorite article of clothing: um...skinny jeans?
Frozen yogurt or ice cream: ice cream

What superpower would you love to have: when i look at someone i can tell what they r like and their tru feelings/ intentions

Potato chips or French fries: fries

Cosmetic you can’t live without: straitener

Best teacher you’ve ever had: Tom!!! (hahaha..riight..)

Spender or saver: both

Who should play you in a movie version of your life: me

If you were an animal, what would you be: dragon

Best beverage: Monster energy

Favorite cereal: i dont really like cereal but...Reesie Puffs

Who do you wish you could meet: Joey Pallori, Josh Porter, Amy Lee, Alex Evens, Gerard Way

Fearful or fearless: fearless..most of the time..

Which would you try? Sky diving, rappelling, or scuba diving: sky diving

Butterflies or dragon flies: dragon flies

Organic or junk food: junk

Bully, or bullied: neither

Dream job: humm...idk
Glass half-full or half-empty: full! Sometimes...
Ever broken a body part: yupp

How many car accidents have you been in: 2

Ever caused a car accident: nooo

Ever been sent to the principals office: yeah...i have a second home there :P

Most beautiful (inside) person you know: Sarah Shank

How do you relax: walking in the rain, lisning to loud music

Social butterfly, or wallflower: social butterfly

Your biggest question about life: why???

Secret keeper or blabbermouth: secret keeper!
What makes you cry: Titanic movie *sniff*

Names of future children (boy and girl): Hayden and Savannah

Who’s your favorite relative: my cuzzen

Your last dream: its a secret..

What makes you crazy: guys lolz :P

I wish I : had rents who understand me
Stick shift, automatic, or can’t drive yet: automatic.

Which appointment is worse? Doctor or dentist: eh their both fine

Ever been to the emergency room: .yeahhh almost as many times as the principal’s office (haha! Maybe..)

Worry wart or worry free: worry free..sometimes

Bicycle through Europe, or African safari: Europe

Favorite food court place: McDonnalds

Ice cubes or crushed ice: cubes

What do you like on your burger: cheese, lettuce, lil tomato, mustard, ketchup

Favorite fast food: Wendy’s

Do you know sign language: yes

Favorite department store: AME

Who taught you to ride a bike: me

How old were you when you learned to swim: 4

I would love to try: being in a band (working on that! Possably check us out on utube one day!!)

Who do you admire most: Amy Lee

Bikini or board shorts: bikini

Worst movie ever: Knight and Day

Favorite kind of cookie: chocolate

Best commercial: superbowl ones

A word or phrase you say a lot: awesome

I can’t live without: air

Do you take vitamins: sometimes

Do you floss: sometimes

How many hair products do you use: depends how i do my hair

Meanest thing you ever did to your sibling: wellll...

Believe in UFOs: no

Can you identify constellations: some
creamy or crunchy peanut butter: creamy

Someone you miss: my friends from FBT

Believe in the Loch Ness monster: no

Believe in Big Foot: no
which would you pick, an extra 50$ a week or a three day weekend: $50

Any pets: 3 dogs and a cat

Museum of art or history: neither

Train, plane, or automobile: depends where ur going...im not gunna take a plain to my friend’s house

I wish my hair: was naturally straight

Best amusement park ride: roler coasters

Best little kid movie: dont watch em

Favorite picture book: dont read um

Apples or oranges: depends how i feel

Chocolate milk, soy milk or rice milk: chocolate
hot dog or hamburger: hot dog

I wish someone would invent: idk..

White or wheat bread: white

Best era for fashion: ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, or now: now

How many hours per day online: depends what im doing..

How many hours per day on phone: lyk all day lol

Just say no to: yo mama

Flip flops or strappy sandals: flip flops

Best food comes from what country: Italy and Lebanon

Run away from home when you were little: yeah lol

Whats scarier, snakes or sharks: sharks

What are you not good at: a lot of things

Friend you’ve had the longest: Ben Geppert

Friend who lives the farthest from you: Chang

How many hours per day watching tv: 3

Which would you give up, email or cell phone: email

What toothpaste do you use: Colgate

Shop alone, shop with mom, shop with friends: friends

Best type of cake: ice cream cake

I love the smell of: Elisha’s cologne!! Idk wat it is but its AMAZING!!

How do you like popcorn: buttery

Favorite magazine: idk

Asprin, Aceteminifin, Ibuprofen, or tough it out: ibuprofen

 What did you do last night: watched tv.

Manicure or do-it-yourself nails: do it urself

Favorite comfort food: umm..i donno

High fashion or totally casual: I try to be high fashion

Kill bugs or try to save them: kill um!

Best friend in Kindergarten: Ryan

I can’t bear the sound of: my mom and step dad fighting

What is your favorite thing to do on the playground: swing

I would love to see: a bunch of new movies..

I would love to time-travel back to see: the Victorian Era

I would love to time travel forward to see: how my life turns out, who I marry lol

Can you change a tire: I could if I tried

Swallow anything by accident as a kid: ohh yeah

Romantic dinner for two, or big party: dinner for two

Favorite take-out food: pizza

I can’t stand the smell of: a lot of rubbing alcohol

Favorite smoothie: idk

Ever tried dog or cat food: yup :P

Hair color: right now its messed

Contacts, glasses, or great vision: contacts!

Favorite game as a kid: I made up my own games lol

Salty or sweet: sweet!

I can’t wait until I can: MOVE OUT!!!

Lone ranger or team player: depends how I feel

Do you try ot find shapes in clouds: hum..sometimes

Details or big picture: donno..

What are you good at: not much..

Favorite accessory: oh..a lot of things

Appointment for color, or dye your own hair: app 4 color

I love to listen to: music..

Coolest thing you learned this week: donno..

Tap, bottled, or sparkling water: bottled

Small talk, or deep conversations: deep convo

Pilot or navigator:  navigator

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate devotion

Favorite writer: I have a loottt…

Have you ever re-gifted: nope! But isn’t it terrible when u get a re-gifted gift? lol

Toilet papered, or toilet paperer: hum??

Favorite hot beverage: stuff from Starbucks

Time: drags, or goes too quickly: depends if im having fun..

Most influential person in your life: my step- dad

Who would you be in a castle: queen, princess, knight, or jester: princess!

What do you daydream about: hum..

Meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan: carnivore but trying to go vegetarian

Habit you wish you could change: umm..just think TWLOHA

Best type of movie: romance, comedy, scary, action, or sci-fi: all of um!!!

Any advice for a 5-year old: uhh..

Reality show or sitcom: donno

Birthday: February 17, 1995

Bagel, doughnut, croissant, or cinnamon roll: doughnut

Morning person, or night person: night

Favorite forest animal: flying squirrels!

Do you have a birthmark: uhh..yeah..

Store bought or homemade: depends…

I don’t understand: why im alive

Who would you be on a movie set: director, star, supporting star, or set designer: supporting star

What food/beverage do you get at the movies: popcorn and some random drink..

Favorite color for a car: black or cherry red

Do you make your bed every morning: nope.

Favorite costume you’ve ever worn: when I was a twisted babysitter!

Are you always up-to-date on current news: most of the time..

Waffle cone, sugar cone, or cup: cup

Which is worse, no TV or no music: music

Small purse, or giant bag: don’t use either

Favorite fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty

Ever had an imaginary friend: no

Can different foods touch each other on your plate: yeah..

Best jungle animal: donno

Do you sit: up front, or in the back: back

Favorite toy when you were a kid: my teddy bear!

Which is worse, shopping for jeans, or shopping for a swimsuit: dosent matter

Favorite season and why: summer..

Do you read the ending before you finish a book: sometimes..

Best brand of jeans: donno.

Island cabana, European castle, safari tent, or ski lodge: castle

Favorite color combonations: Purple and black

Sunset or sunrise: sunset

Favorite number: 23 and 77

Ever needed stitches: yeah

My favorite shoes are: DC and Converse and Vans

Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous: ambidextrous

How many children would you like someday: 3 and up

Tent or cabin: cabin

What scared you as a kid: darkness

For just a day, I would switch places with: hum..i donno..

Been in a talent show? What was your talent: no

Go with the flow, or stick to a routine: GWTF

Coolest first name: idk

Polka dots, stripes, plaid, or paisley: none of thoes

Coolest last name: i donno

Paper or plastic: plastic

Can you draw well:  yeah

Brownies, or chocolate chip cookies: brownies

I will not eat: you

Gold or silver: silver

Favorite hang-out: the mall & skate park & church

How many times have you moved in your life: 4

As a kid, stuffed animal or blankie: stuffed animal

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: hang wit friends

What color is your bedroom: white (but u cant c it cuz i hav a bunch of things on it)

Mild or spicy: spicy

What would be hard to give up: my brain

Cutest thing your pet does: idk

Shower or bath: shower

I have a problem with: Socialism coming to America

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Comment by Seeker on June 15, 2011 at 3:40pm
wow Delaina, That is REALLY REALLY Long
Comment by Bladebearer on May 20, 2011 at 8:16pm
i prefer showers and silver too.

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