Check here every so often for sneak peeks of Shuriken Seekers. I'll post pics and story ideas that I've come up with. I'll also share the history behind characters that you want to know more about. Just ask about anything that has to do with Shuriken Seekers.


Please Note: I will not be able to share secrets about what is going to happen in a certain book. I'm hoping to get them published so I can't reveal those things


Read the prologue and chapter 1.

This is the Zak's ring with the Julanko's symbol on it. I cannot yet reveal what it is or means.

This is a normal Kypho

Note: There are many types of Kypho. They wander about in the world but this is the most common type of kypho that doesn't show itself in the world. It stays under the mountain working for its master. It is very afraid of light. If it was to show itself in the world it would be killed be anyone who saw it. This one is a little too much on the dino side. The head isn't really right. Think more ORC ish.

This is a Cloud Hopper (name is still in editing) It can blend in with the clouds. Legs and wings come out of it so it can walk and fly. It normally just likes to roll around.                                                                   


This is a creature that the Kypho ride. It's an ape like thing that runs on all fours, however, it can walk on its hind legs if it has to.




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Comment by Math ew! on January 9, 2012 at 6:41pm

Yep! There is this colony (who's name will go unsaid) and they have no faces. This is because they have not chosen a side. They r neither for the Julanko nor against  them. Same for the Kypho. Once they choose their side they will recieve their faces, but will they choose or not??? MYSTERY!!! I also have a clane with eyes in the back of their heads because they back-stab a lot.

Comment by Hold to Hope on January 9, 2012 at 9:05am
Cool!! Have you been working on any more details for your book?

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