The boy with eye's like a sea just a little something i've been writing

The boy with eyes like a sea.

A boy stood still in the soft summer breeze, he was tall and smelled like sand,

his hair was brown and his eyes blue, as the sun shone on his face,

His eyes turned green and blue like the sea wild and free.


He was a different kind of boy free and wild as can be,

Filled with a wild strength.


You could tell he was not like the other boy's for he was more careful and smart.


He walked as If floating on the sand beneath his feet as if it was soft and worm.


Who is this boy with hair dark and Eye's like a sea ? 



He must be from a place where every day is filled with laughter and is magical, 

For eye's like his I've never see before.


He looks out at the rolling waves as they hit the sandy shore, 

It's as if he's missing himself !



Is the boy with eyes like the sea lost? or

is he just longing for something far in the distance?


I wonder what his eye's see out in the far water's!

Does he see the birds flying far out in the sky? 


The day i met the blue eyed boy I never knew how my life  

would change. 


You see  I sat on a rock, watching the boy 

with eyes like the sea, till he turned and looked at me!


He started walking towards me,

I didn't know what  I would say to him.


The boy stoped walking right in front of the rock which i was sitting upon.

He smiled at me ,then said  Why do you stare at me as if i am some magic creature?




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