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What is going on with the site

Hey guys! So, some of you have noticed that the site looks a little different lately. Mostly that the background is gone, and the headers…

Started by Bladebearer in AnnouncementsLatest Reply

Important for all Codebearers forum users

A new issue has come to my attention that I feel needs to be addressed. There is a lot of clutter and disorganization in the forums today.…

Started by Lexi in AnnouncementsLatest Reply

The Miller Brothers

Changes to "Leaderboards" and "Rules & Guidelines"

We wanted to make all of our members aware of a few recent changes to the Forums here on Codebearers.com. After much discussion with our fa…

Started by Christopher Miller in AnnouncementsLatest Reply

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Forum announcements and updates

19 Dec 17, 2020
What is going on with the site
by Bladebearer


Open discussion of anything and everything related to the Codebearer Series

36 Mar 22, 2017
Reply by Arely


New to the forums? Introduce yourself here!

66 Jul 30, 2020
Reply by Bladebearer

Theories and Speculation

Discuss your theories and speculation of future plots, conspiracies, and secrets

9 Sep 14, 2014
Reply by The Dark Lord

Characters & Creatures

Discuss the characters and creatures from the books and films

16 Sep 6, 2015
Reply by Irene Starr

The Bookshop

Post and discuss stories that you've written, Codebearer FanFiction or poems.

86 Dec 18, 2020
Reply by BladeAngel

The Gallery

Show off your graphics, fan art, signatures, and avatars.

33 Apr 13, 2021
Reply by Dit See

Help, Questions or Support

Have problems or questions? Post them here.

39 Jan 31, 2017
Reply by Arely

The Revealing Room

Share stories of faith or trials that you've encountered on your own journey through life

3 Jul 12, 2015
Reply by Meme Man

Beyond the Veil

A discussion of all things spiritual.

19 Jul 17, 2016
Reply by Kayash

Chat Topics

Topics for the Miller Brothers to consider chatting about in future LIVE Webcasts. Post your potential topics here.

11 May 21
Reply by Błŭę Ťĥûnđeřřę


Want to participate in an interactive Roleplaying thread? Well, this is the forum for you!

123 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Dit See

Forum Games

Get your game on!

131 Jun 2
Reply by Błŭę Ťĥûnđeřřę

The Forum Yearbook

Come be a part of the 2011 Codebearers Forums Yearbook

6 Feb 7, 2015
Reply by Sabrina

Book 1: The Secret of the Shadow

Discussions about the FIRST Codebearers book.

8 Jan 5, 2019
Reply by Zhadow

Book 2: The Consuming Fire

Discussions about the SECOND Codebearers book.

7 Sep 14, 2014
Reply by The Dark Lord

Book 3: The Eye of Ends

Discussions about the THIRD Codebearers book.

10 Jul 13, 2015
Reply by Arely

Codebearers CONTINUUM: Book 1

Discussions & Speculation about the first Codebearers Continuum book.

10 Feb 24, 2016
Reply by Zhadow


Open discussion of topics not related to anything about the Codebearers series

162 Aug 15
Reply by Meme Man

Other Books

A place to talk about the books you love, or love to hate.

54 Jul 28, 2020
Reply by Bladebearer


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