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Welcome to the game of UNO! you use any thing that is in the class. For example:  Ness: paper. Dr. Humorous: snow ect.                     …

Started by Z-3

22 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Weird Words

On this, you come up with the weirdest word you can, and try to "out-weird" someone else. You can post a meaning if you want to. Just no ba…

Started by Jamal Solo

20 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Smiley Game

Let the smiley game begin are you a smiley champ prove it here

Started by Buzz

176 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Oxymoron War!

So this is where you battle against each other using only oxymorons. (For eg. liquid-gas) If you don't know what oxymorons are, just let me…

Started by Evelet

603 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Run in

Ok what you do is you type a sentence, but you don't use spaces,  punctuation marks, or capatals. And the next person has to  post what the…

Started by Wolfy

510 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Finish What You...

Finish What You....What? What Are You Going to End This Sentence With? Experiment In Finish What You... Right Here on! EXAM…

Started by Ezra :G

382 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Write a story together

Here's how it works; someone writes part of a story, and people just keep going with it   I'll start: I was riding next to a bulldoser when…

Started by Lexi

526 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by SonicFan

DYKT (Did You Know That)

Ok, here are the rules for this game:   1) One person posts a DYKT fact. 2) The second person either says "yes" or "no" according to whethe…

Started by daniel

259 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher


Okay, here's how it goes. One person says a word, and the next person to post has to say the first thing that came to mind when they read t…

Started by 117

2864 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Sabrina


some of u old site peeps might remember this game heres how it goes:   jellybean380: *coin*   jfisher23: u get a lifetime supply of milk!  …

Started by CrimsonAngel

754 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher


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