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It's 12-12-12 today and we're thinking of playing a numbers game with you. In the first two Codebearers books (Secret of the Shadow & Consuming Fire) the number 12 is mentioned 3 times in both books. The first person to post a reply with the exact page numbers (all 6) that the number 12 is mentioned in those two books wins a FREE gold medallion from the Miller Brothers. Post your answers here, on twitter or on our facebook page!

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Special Note: It's the word "twelve" we're looking for, not the number or any variation of it. "Dozen" does not count. "4127" does not count. Just the word "twelve". 

Wow...no takers yet? I've found one...

i won

Yeah, sorry, Lexi. Been done and won.

For Secret of the Shadow: p.g. 73, p.g. 73 again, and p.g. 80

For The Consuming Fire: p.g. 7, p.g. 97, and p.g. 335

So, do you need my address Mr. Miller?

Sorry, Jamal. The contest ended back in December. Cypher was the winner of the last gold medallion. But... your answers were correct! Way to go. What method did you employ for finding all of them? One codebearer actually cut apart their book so their whole family could help search for the "twelve"s.

But you said the first person to post the page numbers.
Yes. Our contest posted to both Codebearers.com and Facebook. The majority of players participated on Facebook. And that is where Cypher posted the winning page numbers. Sorry for any confusion.
Oh and I used kindle. There was a search box where you can put in a word and it will show you where it is.
Glad you didn't have to cut up your books! :) (actually, the search via Kindle was the way we found them for the contest too)

Ok, I gotcha. I don't do Facebook. That's why I didn't know. How much is a medallion?


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