Hey guys, 

It's 12-12-12 today and we're thinking of playing a numbers game with you. In the first two Codebearers books (Secret of the Shadow & Consuming Fire) the number 12 is mentioned 3 times in both books. The first person to post a reply with the exact page numbers (all 6) that the number 12 is mentioned in those two books wins a FREE gold medallion from the Miller Brothers. Post your answers here, on twitter or on our facebook page!

Happy hunting,


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The medallions are $8.99 before shipping/tax. Here's a link to our catalog where you can order them from: http://www.millerbrothersbooks.com/products/Codebearers-Medallions..... There are two sizes (large and small) and some color selections.


I'm anti Kindle, so I did it old fashioned way. I honestly thought it was really weird that no replied yet, and figured it was on your Twitter/FB already won;) I gave up kinda quick though;) I got a gold medallion at the WHO convention, so I didn't really NEED two, but kinda...yeah;)

You went to the who convention?????!!!!!!!
So the contest is over, but are medallions available to buy? I would love to get one.

I do not think so Jessica

That's too bad.

Agreed. I really wanted one


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