Testing this section.

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Cool test
...I'm not seeing it. :P  Hey, how do you get smileys on here?
I don't think we can. :(
Gesp! That's terrible!
ikr. Smilies are like, the BEST. unless, of course, I use HTML smilies.

Got that one on Gmail. I love the gasping blue one from Gmail.

yup. but, you cannot do the Codebearers smilies, can you? haha


I need to know how to do that! But not here. Well, actually it would probably be better here, so everyone else can see how.

well, its a bit complex. I mean the source code is. I'll try to put together a tutorial to explain it. 

Okay, I can wait.
I have dun noticed. XD But unfortunately this present computer doesn't allow me to use them. Unless you can see, this, , because I can't.


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