This is going to be my Codebearers Fan Fiction. WARNING! This is still a work in progress.

If you decide to read this, I would appreciate if you kept any negative thoughts to yourself, although I would love to get some constructive criticism and any helpful suggestions that you might have. 


With much of the Shadow defeated and all the shards connected to the new living tree, Solandria finally seems to have entered an age of peace. But even after all that has happened, the Codebearers still have many challenges ahead. There are new recruits to train, shards that the Shadow still control, and lives still looking for the right path.

Well, I hope you enjoy it

P.s. Sorry if it takes me a while to post new chapters. I'm a bit of a slow writer.

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Uh Oh, You have me reading your story, you know what that means...ANNOYING POSTS, followed by REALLY ANNOYING POSTS of me asking for MORE!! So MORE!!...please.

Man, I feel so cruel. *sniffles* and teary. But you'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out why...
*gasp* the horror!

Chapter Two is finished!

Tell me when you want me to post more on here.

Is always an option?

Haha, no. I don't think this book will last that long.

Chapter Two

The next thing I knew was darkness. A thick, black, chocking darkness. Not like when you turn off your lights to go to bed, but rather the deep-underground-with-no-light-whatsoever kind. It was like a room full of the blackest shadows anyone could find. And it was so cold. A deep, chilling cold. The nerves in my hands began to twitch and tingle with fear.

Whatever this place was, it was not a place I wanted to stay. I tried to moved but found that my body was still paralysed. I began to tell myself that I was just dreaming. That the door hadn’t really sucked me in. That I wasn’t really stuck in a room full of blackness. And that if I would just wake up I would find myself back in my room at home. But try as I might I couldn’t “wake” myself up. So I waited.

For what seemed like forever, nothing happened. I was beginning to wonder if anything ever would, when I this low, cold voice.

“Ssssooo, you finally got it to work, Professor Keil.” The voice stated, in a devious monotone.

“Yes, yes, Sir Sceleris. It worked wonderfully.” Answered a voice that I guessed was professor Keil’s. His was squeakier, like a frightened mouse.

It was obvious that the first voice, Sir Sceleris, was the boss.

“Well, where is she then!” Sir Sceleris demanded.

“S-she’s in th-there.” The Professor answered shakily, “We put her in the room of shadows.”

“Good. There is no way she could get out of there.” Said Sir Sceleris’s menacing voice, through the shadows.

Their talking about me! I quickly realised, shocked. What would they want with me! I wondered fearfully.

“But…” Professor Keil started timidly.

“But what!” Sir Sceleris boomed.

“But the boy got threw before we could get him.” the Professor squeaked.


“We did our best but we were too late. They got him while we were getting the girl.”

Boy? What boy? What on earth were they talking about? And just who ‘got’ him first? These questions swirled in my head. I had never felt so confused in all my life.

But before I hear what they said after that, a light began swirling over my head. And as it swirled, it got bigger, slowly turning the room from a room filled with shadows to one bathed in light. The light seemed blinding after spending was seemed like eternity in the dark. But as my eyes adjusted, I could see a world filled with floating islands. They were all connected together by the roots of an unseen something. The island closest to me was the largest of them. On it was a large lake, filled with black water. It looked both revolting and enchanting.

The voices through the shadows had stopped when the light came, but then they started again. This time in panic. I could hear them fumbling with the doors lock. But then with a blinding flash, the light and the picture engulfed the whole room. Me along with it.

For a moment I was surrounded by only white. But then in the distance I saw a dark shape appearing. I could feel my body being pulled towards it with growing speed. It felt like I was falling, yet I still felt upright. My long brown hair whipped behind me as I continued to pick up speed. It was only a matter of seconds before I hit it. The impact of it was hard. I lost my senses for a moment as I sunk through the black wall.

When I can to my senses again, I was cold again, but this time I felt like I was floating too. There was no solid ground under my feet. And I soon found that I could movie again, the cold air swirling around me whenever I moved a little. I opened my eyes and I found myself in a semi dark place, with dark forms floating around me. And above was an oddly shaped light. It looked distorted and like it was quivering.

At first I thought it was just another strange room like before. But when my chest started to hurt, I finally realised I was submerged under water, not floating on cold air. Panicking, I tried to claw my way to the surface. I was normally an alright swimmer, but at that moment I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. Or at least, not fast enough.

My air was starting to run out when I swam right into the first body. Yeah, you know those “dark forms” I saw before. Well, it turns out they were bodies. Pretty terrifying, I know. When I saw it I screamed, losing most of my air that I had left, and filling my lungs with foul tasting water. I started swimming for the surface again, even more desperate then before. This time I did my best to stay clear of the bodies. But it was rather had, they were everywhere.

I continued swimming into them and getting tangled up. Quite soon I was feeling disorientated and very out of air. I just tried my best to swim towards the light above. But black spots began to cloud my vision. My lungs were screaming for air. And the last thing I remember before I completely blacked out, was a dark figure coming to me from the light, and then…nothing.


Slowly opening my eyes, I found myself back home. I got up and began to walk down stairs. The house looked different then I remembered. It was darker. The walls were a dark grey, and Mum’s prized indoor plants were shrivelled and dead. And through the windows, the sky was grey and overcast, nothing like its usual blue.

I walked down to the kitchen. Both Mum and Dad were there. They were standing together next to the stove, fighting. The yelling was loud and full of anger, and like always, it made me want to plug my fingers in my ears and go hide. It scared me. It always did.

But it just grew louder and more angry. It was worse than I had ever heard it. My dad picked up a jar of peanut butter and threw it at the window. With an extra loud CRACK! the jar and window shattered.

I stood there, shocked. Neither of them had done anything like that before. They had never done anything more violent than just yelling at each other over…well, whatever it was they were arguing about at the time. This was something new altogether.

My mum had gone quiet and my dad turned to face me. And to my surprise he looked different too. His eyes were fully black. No pupal, no iris, no whites, just black. He stared at me for a long moment. His gaze judgemental. And then he said something I hoped he would never say.

“This is all your fault.”

My heart broke.

“No, it’s not.” I tried to reply, but tears chocked my words. The truth is I had always felt it was my fault somehow. I just never thought my father would agree.

“Yes it is. You know it is. If it wasn’t for you none of this would be happening. Its. All. Your. Fault.” He spat, walking towards me.

“NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT!!!!” I screamed as I ran away, tears streaming down my face. He continued to shout at me. To blame me.

But as I ran, the house began to change. The walls and floors stretched and transformed colour. The walls grew spikes in places and mounted heads of strange, ugly creatures formed in the halls, as well as sprouting torches, (the kind that were lit by fire). My home had morphed into some kind of dark fortress. And with it the yelling changed too. Instead of the shouts of adults, it became a thousand agonised screams.

My eyes wildly darted around me, taking in my new surroundings. I began to battle weather or not to be brave and find the cause of the screams. Or to give into my fears and run in the opposite direction. An extra high and painful scream sounded then, making my skin crawl. And so fear won.

I bolted away from the sound as fast as my legs would carry me. But the screams followed. I dashed down hall after hall, trying my best to lose them. But they just wouldn’t be shaken. Try as I might, the screams just got closer, and closer. I stopped running, and spun around. For a moment there was nothing there but the screams, then I saw it. A dark cloud of shadows racing towards me, the screams coming from deep within it.

Then from the cloud came a hideous snake like beast, with three horn slash tusks things coming from its head, one on top and the others on either side of its face. It was as big as the school bus back home. Its body was long and glossy, fire light glowing off its shiny black scales. It had a mouth full of long sharp teeth, and two fangs, fresh blood dripping from them. And it had bright red eyes that pierced my very soul, seeing into the blackest parts of it.

The sight of it sent my hair on end. It was truly terrifying. Evil shone from its eyes like light. Its wicked intentions obvious.

“Time to die.” It sneered. It had the voice of Sir Sceleris, the one I had heard in the room of shadows or whatever they had called it.

Panic washed over me like a flood. I started blindly running down the halls again. The fear of what was following keeping me going. I could hear it behind me, the snake’s cruel laughter, mixed with the terrible screams.

It can’t get me! I won’t get! Remember, this is all just a crazy dream. I tried to tell myself. Then the snake laughed again, this time right behind me. It was so close I could almost feel his hot breath down my neck. But it sure feels real! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I quickly turned my head to see, and that’s when I ran into a wall and knocked myself out.

I lay on the ground for a minute, dazed. Then I felt something on my arm. Thinking it was the giant snake I sat up ripping my arm away. I was ready to start running again, even though I felt weak and exhorted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You’re safe now.”

I was surprised to hear a sweet reassuring voice. It sounded like warm, soothing honey. As my heart began to calm down, I noticed there were no screams or laughter. Once I was calm enough, I looked over my shoulder and saw a girl about my age with brown, medium length hair, and warm brown eyes.

Looking past her, I saw three more people gathered around a blazing fire. One was a man with black hair and deep green eyes. The two others were boys, who were about my age as well. One of them had dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. The second boy I couldn’t see very well, as the fire blocked most of him from view. All I could see were his brown, heartfelt eyes. They looked familiar, like they belonged to a friend I had recently seen.

I stared at him for a minute, trying to remember how I knew him. My hazel eyes widened as it hit me.

It was…

A HEFALUMP!!!hefalump!hefalump!I'm a HEFALUMP!


But what is gonna happen next!what is gonna happen next!no fingernails left at all!(ok that's mainly because I bite them but if I had fingernails before I started reading this they would be gone now)

Really? You liked it that much?   *Feeling honoured*

Yeah!I love it so much more than I can express through the Internet 

Spoiler alert! *Whispers*its Kadin right but who is the other boy?


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