This is going to be my Codebearers Fan Fiction. WARNING! This is still a work in progress.

If you decide to read this, I would appreciate if you kept any negative thoughts to yourself, although I would love to get some constructive criticism and any helpful suggestions that you might have. 


With much of the Shadow defeated and all the shards connected to the new living tree, Solandria finally seems to have entered an age of peace. But even after all that has happened, the Codebearers still have many challenges ahead. There are new recruits to train, shards that the Shadow still control, and lives still looking for the right path.

Well, I hope you enjoy it

P.s. Sorry if it takes me a while to post new chapters. I'm a bit of a slow writer.

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No problem just wanted to let you know for future reference.

P.S. he looks like he has dirty blonde hair on the covers

That was really great! I love it! I can't wait for more...

You should post a story in the CB Writers Group one of these days.



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