A girl named Noel sat looking out her small window at the small town of Bethlehem. The entire day she had felt that something special was going to happen but she brushed it off because she had those feelings a lot. But this time was different. Instead of just shrugging it off like usual this one wouldn't leave. It was always there, lingering in the back of her mind. She heard a few birds singing goodnight and the long grass rustled in the warm sandy breeze that blew over Israel often.
She watched as one by one the oil lamps of Bethlehem's houses were turned off, leaving the town in darkness.
She stared at the dust that lay on the ground but looked up when a bright light shone from above. She looked up and squinted to see what it was reavealing. A bright star. Brighter than any star she had ever seen.
"What the...?" How was that possible? Without thinking she climbed out her window and began walking towards the city of David. What an I doing? She thought but still she pressed on. She found herself in the town market, now quiet and stopped. She looked around and her feet started moving again. It was as if something was calling her. She silently walked  through the quiet town and found herself in front of one of the crowded inns.
Not long ago Caesar had decreed that a census should be taken and everyone went to the town they were born in to register. Luckily her family had all been born in Bethlehem do they didn't have to travel. Some others were not so fortunate.
She looked around and glanced beyond the building and peered through the darkness. Her eyes grew wide seeing what lay before her. A stable. Two people stood gazing into the feed bin. What could they be looking at? She wondered. Then she heard Him. A soft crying came from the manger.
A child? Why was He in the manger? Did they not know that that was where the animals ate?
Then it clicked. She remembered the prophecies of a Messiah who would save God's people from the Romans rule.
Could this be the Messiah? The Son of God? Born in such low estate? Why would God's Son be disgraced as to be born in a cattle stall?
She jumped as a firm hand rested on her shoulder. She turned to look into the wisdom filled eyes of a Magi.
"Go." He said gently but firmly. It was as if he was reading her mind. Should she go? Why should the Savior be disgraced as to look upon such a commoner as herself?
Then a bunch of men with the scent of sheep rushed by. She watched in amazement as these men, shepards, gazed at the newborn king.
"Go." The Magi said again, more gently this time.
She nodded as she slowly walked forward. When it was her turn she stood closer. She stared in awe at the perfectness if the Babe before her. This child will save us all. So weak and helpless. The child reached up His little hand and grasped her finger. When He touched her it was as if a fire has awoken in her.
The Savior of the world touched her. She smiled as the star above her shined the slightest bit brighter.

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You wouldn't mention a character's name till you introduce that character. Until you have, it's he, she, they, him, her, etc.

This is good, Starlight! The formatting throws me off a bit, but the contents are good!! :)


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