Ok i wanted to start this for two reasons first, i felt bad...there was nothing here....also i wanted to know what you thought of angels...what do you think of them as...?

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Well this is really a broad topic....what exactly do you mean? LIke looking at the Bible what is our impression of them? Have we ever seen any? Do we think they're super duper important, or just another peice in God's almighty army?
okay, what just happened to my prayer thread- it just got deleted! it was on "revaling room" yesterday...
I believe that angels are real. They are god's messangers and warriors for his children. Such as in teh account of Daniel and in Revelation.
yeah, of corse there real. if you're a christain, you believe the bible, right? well you have to believe the whole bible, and angels are in the bible, so if you're a true christain, you believe in angels. 
Even some non-christians believe in angels.
Oh they exist for sure...and Exploder, I already made a prayer thread a long time ago, so it could have been deleted by someone

Yeah, I noticed that a couple weeks ago. And my name is Ex-plor-er -Not- Ex-plod-er. Apperently i'm going to explode.

Ever watch "Touched by an Angel"?
I have and angels are up there even if we can't see them
I think angels are spiritual 
(oops pushed the button)
Beings that do God's work through protecting, messaging, helping and any way God uses them to touch lives and to defend against the enemy.


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