I bet there is one of these somewhere but i am to lazy to go find it...

Anyway just wanted to know who has one and what you play, If there is enough people we should have big tournament of some kind :3 (I would win...)

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Oooh, a live game between members, that would be fun. :D

I play Halo (as you know), and Fable. That's pretty much it.

Fable is nasteh.

Switch to killzone, the even nastier game. ._.

I don't think it's nasteh. Well, I few details are. First game was better than the second.

And I don't want to switch to killzone.

The first was,is, and ALWAYS will be the best Halo.

Why? It's alot more fun, minus all the language.

I was talking about the first Fable. :P


Because to play it, I will have to own it or rent it. There's no way I'm going to buy it, and it's simply too much work to rent it.

Besides, I barely play video games anyway. Except for when friends are over.

._. Fable sucks, to be honest. ._.

I really liked the first one.

I don't have one.

I have an Xbox 360. Is that what you have Impy?


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