This story is by me and Bladebearer so enjoy!


Mr.Soko, the leader of darkness, summons all the bad guys to assist him in his last plan in Ashtaroth. The bad guys travel from: Zaeria, Istas, AppleFall, and Rakel to Ashtaroth to help. With the combined dark powers, it starts spreading across the world, turning anybody in its path unhappy or mad. Siyki followed his master's plans and with dark creatures forming left and right, he started an Elemental Leader killing spree. But a few of them managed to escape to the comforts of Awryn Mansion.

               This small group try to get to Zaeria, where they ran into Iscariot plus the GraveThieves. From there they teleport to other cities to gather others in saving the world. Their friendship, loyalty, teamwork and love for their beloved will be tested throughout the battle. Plus Mr.Soko is not through with Iscariot, not by a long shot. With characters from Elemental Leaders, Fairoze, Snowfall Chronicles and GraveThieves including Bladebearer's characters: this is the biggest crossover yet!


Iscariot Frost

Rhage Vxerz

Memory Rhys

Rumor Claythe

Goodfellow Lalit

Seprath/Sephron Haex

Scarlet Taen

Tourai Dante

Jemma Wilde

Avichayli Rinas

Emere Sissel

Storyteller Rue

Blanche Symbair

Fukiko Saki

Alistair Hollow



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Iscariot nodded his head as Sviv handed him a blueberry lemonade.

Rumor leaned against one of the columns on the front porch with Scarlet. 

Karen walked closer to one of the blurs. She felt a little silly that she was going to do this, but well, what else did she have to lose?

"So," she started asking the blur. "you're a blur, yeah?"

The blur Karen was looking at nodded his head. "And we can talk too," said the blur with a voice that was human.
Iscariot took his two GraveThieves a little ways from Karen, but close enough to be called for.
The three of them talked quietly to one another.

Karen was slightly taken aback. She hadn't expected it to talk.

"Forgive me. I just didn't expect you to talk."

"Iscariot has been improving on new Drives and so it improves us in return,"replied the blur.

Karen stared in amazement. "So are you all human in a way or what are you exactly? Phantoms? Shadows? I don't quite understand how you'll work in the other world."

"We are blurs we come out of Iscariot's sword when he does one of his drives," continues the blur. Iscariot returned so the blurs disappeared.


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