Captain Bowen's Journal  Chapter 1

       A calm wind blew across her face, as tear rolled down her cheek. Jossa Bowen stood on the hill and watched her father's ship sail in the distance.   

        “Will I see my father again?” She asked herself.

       Jossa placed her hand on the hilt of her cutlass ready to draw. She had heard someone walk up behind her. The stranger took three more steps. Jossa pulled out her sword and pointed it at the stranger. The stranger was her friend, Dianna. Dianna quickly took a step back, to avoid Jossa's cutlass.

        “ You're awfully jumpy today! What's the matter? Dianna asked. She looked a bit concerned.

       “I didn't know it was you. I thought it was someone else. Jossa replied as she lowered her cutlass.“Why did you sneak up on me, without letting me know, it was you?”

  Dianna shrugged and replied,” Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I'll make it up to you. I will buy you a drink at the tavern.”

        Jossa put her cutlass back in it's sheath and said “ Oh right. Lets go.”

       Jossa and Dianna began to walk towards the village. It looked very peaceful, but the peace there wouldn't last long. BANG! BANG! Gun shots exploded in the air. Jossa and Dianna pulled out their cutlasses and ran towards the village. They saw chaos. Men were fighting each other. Guns were fired. Cutlasses were crossed. The two friends saw fourteen men on the ground dead from the fight. Some of them had been pierced by a cutlass and others had been shot by pistols. Jossa and Dianna charged into the fight. They cut down the foes that was in their path . During the heat of the fight, Dianna noticed one man escape. With him he carried a leather book. Dianna fought her way over to where Jossa was. By now the two girls were fighting back to back.

      “ Jossa!” Dianna shouted.

       “What is it!” Jossa yelled back.

        “That man over there near the bakery is running away from the battle!” Shouted Dianna as she parried a blow and then lunged at her opponent.

    “So? What does that have to do with me?” Jossa asked.

      “Nothing. It's just that he seemed a bit suspicious carrying that book around with him.” replied Dianna.

    “Well, I guess we could check it out, but first we have to make our way towards the bakery.” Jossa shouted back.


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This is my first story on here. If you would like to read more just reply.
I want to read more! It sound interesting! How old are Jossa and Dianna?
15, 16 something like that. They are the same age.  I will post more soon.
Great! Hey, if you want you can read my stories too. They're in nghome's fantasy. I've been posting them for awhile but so far only two people are reading them. :(
Cool! I started to read one of them, The Late Bloom Tavern. I am enjoying it alot. I will read ur other stories.By the way, ur real name is pretty.
Thanks, I like it too. 
I also posted another of my stories in a blog post called The Shadow.
Awesome please post more!
Would love to read more!

 Part 2 of chapter 1

      Escaping the battle the two girls followed the man. Up ahead of the road, they found him lying on the ground, with the book. Jossa walked over to the man and got on one knee. She laid her cutlass down and pushed the man over onto his back. She took the book from him. The book itself was heavy and worn. Jossa stood back up and looked at the front cover of the book. On the cover was owl that had blue sapphires as eyes. Jossa had seen this owl somewhere else. She looked up at the man.

     Dianna asked,” Jossa what's going on?” Who is that man? Why was he holding that book?”as she asked her last question she pointed at the book.

    Jossa turned to face Dianna.“ I have seen the crest on this book before. Perhaps this man will know and be able to answer our questions.”
   Jossa turned back to face the man. He began to come to. Jossa grabbed her cutlass and held the book in her other hand. Dianna walked up beside Jossa and pointed her cutlass at his throat. Jossa did same with her cutlass. The man sat up and stared blankly at two young girls.

    “ Why do point your cutlasses at me, ladies? I have done nothing to you.” Asked the man.

    Jossa spoke up, “ Who are you and why do you have this book?” 

   Before the man could answer he was interrupted by loud shouts behind the two girls. Jossa and Dianna turned around and saw that a few of the pirates had spotted them and were trailing behind them. They turned back to face the man.

   “ Come with us or you will be a dead man.” Jossa said quickly to the stranger.

   The stranger looked at the band of pirates that were getting closer. Then back at the two girls.

   “ Ok lead on.” Answered the stranger.

    Dianna shot a look at Jossa that said what are you doing? As she helped the man up. He groaned as he got up. He clutched his arm, where he had been shot at. They started running as fast as they could.

I want a book like that!...I think...
Can't wait to hear more :-)


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