We wanted to make all of our members aware of a few recent changes to the Forums here on Codebearers.com. After much discussion with our fantastic Moderators, Allan and I have decided to make a few tweaks to improve the community interaction within the Forums.

First off, we have renamed the "Leaderboards" page to now be referred to as "Most Active". That's essentially the only reason we have that feature enabled on the site - to show members what topics are being talked about the most and what members are the most active. There's no award to be won there. Hopefully that shift in terminology will curb the desire to add posts JUST to get a "leader" recognition. We still wanted to try keeping the page up since it can be a great way of members finding out where the discussions are happening so they can join in the conversations too.

Second, we decided to define a few new rules for Forum participation. In short, the rules are: No double-posting and No one-word posts. You can read more about what each of those rules mean on the "Forum Rules & Guidelines" post (at the bottom).

Thanks for creating great discussions and friendships on this site. We hope you continue to enjoy your time spent here on Codebearers.com.

Christopher & Allan / The Miller Brothers

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Pro pro pro pro pro pro.

Awesome touch with the pic RWB;)

I have a question: Why is there a rule against one-word posts and double posting?

Awesome :)

Because nobody likes annoying one word posts, and double posting IS allowed if the time has been a while or you need to add something important and your fifteen minutes were up.

Hm. Alrighty.

And we were having issues with these things.


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