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It had been years since Kayla's (My character) Grandfather defeated the shadows and many others. The Author blessed the Codebearers with gifts, but where there is light there is always darkness. The Shadows slowly regained their numbers and they to had new talents.


No killing sprees

No being invincible

Ask before joining (Obviously)

You can have up to four characters, but ask me before you add another

Third person posting

When you talk out of game use italics or ( parentheses)

Rules for Zhadow

No killing anyone with out talking to the person whose character it is ( obviously) and me.( This one is mainly for Zhadow, but I would appreciate if all of you would follow this rule as well.)

My Characters

Name: Kayla Brown

Age: 17


(That's not her sword. She has a Veritas sword)

Gift: Armor, Kayla has the ability to equip herself in different armors in a matter of seconds

Bio: Kayla has been a Codebearer since she was born. She has never been to the veil. Her parents went on a mission in the veil when she was 16 and they haven't returned. Since then fewer people have come from the veil to Solondria.

Other: Her Uncle is Nathaniel and her sister is Rachel

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas sword

Name: Rachel Brown

Age: 10


Gift: Healing

Bio:She has always been a Codebearer. She has never been to the veil. Her parents went on a mission in the veil when she was 9 and they haven't returned. Since then fewer people have come from the veil to Solondria.

Other: Her Uncle is Nathaniel and her sister is Kayla.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Shield

Name: Nathaniel Brown


Appearance: Silver hair, Brown eyes


Bio: Hunter trained Nathan and his older brother in the ways of the Author. Nathan loved to read the Author's writ and listen to the adventures his father would tell of. When he was old enough he began to train with different sorts of weapons until he found one that suited him the best. He went on many adventures of his own and made many friends, but he always ended up back in the same old place. He decided he had had enough excitement (for now). So he settled down in the same town as his older brother and  became a instructor at the training hall.

Other: He's Kayla's and Rachel's Uncle. He's friends with Rex

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas hammer

Name: Damien

Age: Unknown


Gift: He can manipulate shadows

Bio: Damien was once a lowly shadow that was under the command of the venatar. He learned much and became skilled enough to survive all these years. When the venatar was defeated he stepped up and lead the remaining shadows. He kept them hidden although few thought hiding was foolish. They went off on their own and did manage to do some damage to the codebearers, but they soon were killed. Damien didn't have many issue with people doubting his choices from then on. Many years past until he had a massive shadow army. Now he is set out to do what the venatar couldn't and much more.

Other: He is the leader of the shadows

Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow

Weapon: Staff


Age: 20


Gift: speed

Bio: Jason was three when he was abandoned. He doesn't remember much about his parents and tends to avoid the subject. Jason is human and has a soft spot for kids.  He was found by a shadow who thought he could train him so that one day he could infiltrate the codebearers. Jason learned to use anything as a weapon. He became untrusting of people and longed for a friend. Despite that he slowly crept up the shadow ranks and now is one of the higher members. Then ripper was added to the ranks of the shadow and he befriended Jason.


Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow

Weapon: He can use any weapon, but he usually uses swords.

Name: Drake Myrick
Age: 32

Gift: N/A
Bio: Drake has been a shadow his entire life. His hatred for the Codebearers is only out done by his skill with his staff. He watched as his friends were slaughtered when the shards were reunited. He traveled alone for awhile causing havoc for the Codebearers while dodging their patrols. He saved Westley from a patrol before running into Damien and his gang. Damien saw his skill and persuaded Drake to join them. That's where he met Jana. Jana, West, and Drake became an elite team that Damien sent on special missions. They gradually increased in the ranks and were put in charge of a squadron to assist them. Drake actually became third in command, but not many knew this. He gained privilege to more information and certain meetings. The time grew closer to when the shadows would take control of Solondria, but Damien's plans were bigger than that. He sent them on mission in the veil to discover something that would change everything. They haven't been heard from in about a year.
Shadow or Codebearer: shadow
Weapon: Bow staff and Shield

Name: Jana Wilson
Age: 19

Gift: Bending the light around herself and others to make them invisible
Bio: Jana was just a care taker for the dragons. She would train them and ready them for the owners. Everyone looked down upon them. Never the less she continue to hope of becoming something more. She trained with all sorts of weapons, but found she posses the most skill with the bow the best. Finally she was moving up. She was now an archer who defended the perimeter. She met Drake and West when they were brought back with Damien. It didn't take long for them to start training together. They enjoyed the challenge of fighting each other and how they could predict the other's next move. One day Drake purposed that they form a team. With the knowledge of one another they could work together like a well oiled machine. She accepted and afterwards she climbed the ranks until she and her team mates were in charge of their own squad. Shortly after they were sent on a mission in the veil. They haven't been heard from in about a year.
Shadow or Codebearer: shadow
Weapon: Bow and Katanas

Name: Westley Evan
Age: 23

Gift: N/A
Bio: West was known as the tank in his squad. When he got going you didn't get in his way. He was a likable guy who joked around. One day he was separated from the rest of his team and was hit with a surprise attack by the Codebearers. He was injured, but managed to get away or he thought. He was followed by Nathan. ( Back when he was exploring Solondria.) Of course West tried to kill him, but in his weakened state Nathan was able to disarm him. Nathan wrapped his wounds and tried to help West. He was shocked! A codebearer aiding a shadow it was just unheard of. West asked him why he was helping him. He said that it was because he believed that even shadows could change. They started to become friends after a few days when the other codebearers caught up. They wanted to kill West despite Nathan's protest. They were close to doing so when Drake showed up and saved West. Drake began to teach West different fighting styles and they grew to appreciate each other. They were friends. About two weeks later they met Damien and went back to his base. There West met Jana who formed a team with him and Drake. He became a better fighter and thought plans out before rushing into them. This resulted in him becoming a higher rank. Eventually he and the team were put in charge of a squadron. Shortly afterwards they were sent of an important mission in the veil. They haven't been heard from in about a year.
Shadow or Codebearer: shadow
Weapon: Mace


Age: ( 16 to 50)


Gift: Optional



Shadow or Codebearer:

Weapon: Veritas Sword, Bow, Ax, Hammer, or shield ( The idea is to have ONE main weapon. You can be skilled in most, but please try to have a specific main weapon.)

Hope's Character

Name: Alexis (goes by Lexi)
Age: 14

Gift: none yet
Bio: Alex lived in the veil till she was twelve years old. Her parents died, leaving her all alone, with no one else to turn to she lived on the streets. She was starving and bullied by everyone, till one day the Author took pity on her and placed her in Solandria with the codebearers.
Other: She is now a well trained warrior, able to fight better then almost anyone.
Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer
Weapons: Veritas sword and Veritas bow

Nikki's Character

Name: Kristal Fall

Age: 17



Gift: She sees visions of the past, present and future

Bio: Kristal has lived in Solandria all her life. She has only been on one trip to the veil, a trip that made her want to become a Codebearer warrior. When she came back to Solandria, she found her parents had been killed by a small band of Shadow, and her little brother was nowhere to be found. But every so often she will get glimpses of her family in visions. She still hopes that she will find her brother again one day.

Other: She is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Sword (Like Rob’s/Rob’s dad’s)

Name: Cara Winters
Age: 16

Gift: Ice and snow manipulation
Bio: Cara grew up with her family in a codebearer community and was surrounded by good, Author loving people. Both her parents were high ranking Codebearer warriors. But when Cara was thirteen her father left and joined the shadow. Ever since she has been less willing to trust anyone, even the codebearers closet to her.
Other: She is still angry at her dad for abandoning her.
Shadow or Codebearer: Questioning Codebearer
Weapon: Bow

Name: Michel Fall (is called Ripper)
Age: 15

Gift: Telepathy (but only his sister knows)
Bio: Michel had been training to be a codebearer warrior, until about a year and a half ago, when his parents were murdered by a small band of shadow, and he was taken prisoner. They gave him the choice of becoming a shadow or being brutally tortured to death. He chose to become a shadow. But he often wonders what his family and friends, and even the Author, would think of him. So he does his best to use his gift to help people without getting himself caught.
Other: He changed his name when he joined the shadow. And his sister is Kristal.
Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow
Weapon: Spiked mace and throwing knives

Zhadow's characters

Name: Alexander "Alex" Martin

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Gift: None

Bio: Alex was born and has lived in Solandria for as long as he can remember. His parents were from beyond the veil and were tasked with kept back to kill the Shadow that found their way through because of that fact. Alex's father was gone more than his mother but both were gone enough that he practically raised himself.

Other: Taught himself hand-to-hand combat. He is very proficient at it.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Sword

Name: Lila Brown

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Gift: Speed

Bio: At the young age of 17, Lila had to become an adult and take care of her sisters. Her parents, so devoted to Aviad and the Author's Writ as they were, ventured into the veil for what was meant to be a simple mission. When they didn't come back, Lila knew something had happened.

Other: The older sister of Kayla and Rachel Brown. Nathaniel Brown's niece. 

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Chain Whip

(It is a bit longer than this and like most Veritas weapons, the hilt is the only tangible item.)

Name: Kavan 

Age: 836 looks 25

Gender: Male


Gift: Energy Manipulation

Bio: Kavan was born into the Shadow. His father and mother became high ranking officials after Ventor was destroyed and a new system government, if you will, was put into place. This government was short dissolved and Kavan's parents were killed.

Other: Second in command of the Shadow

Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow

Weapon: Dwemer Battle Axe

BTW Character's

Name: Gabe Trudent

Age: 20


Gift: None

Bio: Gabe used to live with his parents within the codebearer's safe community. His parents were both great warriors within the ranks of the Codebearers. He lived in leisure. When he trained he didn't understand why he would. He trained just enough that his blade would appear with a soft glow. He lived like this for years but that was before the accident 4 years ago. His parents were sent on a mission; a mission they had protested was unsafe and held no significant purpose if done correctly. The leaders sent them anyways. They were sent into the veil and were never heard from again. With his faith in Aviad and in the Author weak, the whispers he heard at night took over his heart. His heart hardened to those who were once his friends and eventually he found himself in the ranks of the Shadow. He showed promise in the first year and he was promoted up a few ranks into leadership throughout the next three years.

Shadow or Codebearer: Shadow

Weapon: His veritas sword that had been corrupted into a shadow blade.

Name: Kaitlyn (Kat) Chase

Age: 17


Gift: no

Bio: Kat has lived in Solandria her entire life. Her father, Jacob Chase, came to Solandria from beyond the veil. Her mother, Faith,  is from Solandria. They were married and a year later Kat was born. For years her father would bounce back and forth between the sides of the veil. Sometimes for months at a time. A few times Kat's mother even went with him. Kat never did. But when Kat was 10 he left on a trip and never came back. Luckily her faith in Aviad kept her going. She has trained to be a codebearer warrior. It brought a distraction from the thoughts of her father and why he had left and why he hadn't returned. Besides the thoughts of her father, she is generally very happy and will try to bring happiness into someone's life.

Shadow or Codebear:Codebearer

Weapon: She is skilled in using a veritas sword if needed but she normally uses a Veritas bow and a shield.

Bladebearer's Character

Name: Raven Greystone

Age: 21


Gift: Able to use singing to summon energy attacks (kinda like canary cry)

Bio: Was found in the lake of lost souls. Does not remember much about her life in the Veil. Besides knowing her name, her age, and the fact that she is from the Veil, her only past memory is someone singing. BEcause her passing over caused so much trauma to her mind, she is constantly on her guard against new people, though she is very friendly once she gets to know you. she wonders why her passage was so troublesome. Many came through the lake and know who they were and everything. All she has to go on is a song. she prays the Author can use her to further his cause.

Other: Has a pet wolf named Aspen (Sabrina said I could!)

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Sword, Bow, Ax, Hammer, or shield: Long handle battle axe

Satar's Characters

Name: Castor Cassante

Age: 27


Gift: Shields (Can make semi-visible domes that are completely solid)

Bio: Castor was born in the veil but his parents were both Codebearers.  While he was growing up, his parents read to him from the Author's Writ and now every verse is engraved in his memory.  When Castor turned 11 years old he was brought to Solandria with his family and he started his training with the bow which his teacher quickly realized that Castor was a natural with the bow.  When he turned 15 he gained up the courage to meet his crush and they quickly became friends and they became closer and closer until somewhere in the middle they started to date and when he turned 24 he got married to Lydia.

Other: He also carries two small daggers in either boot just for close quarter combat.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Bow but has also had training with the Veritas sword

Name: Lydia Cassante



Gift: Can manipulate with someones prefrontal cortex (short-term memory)

Bio:  Lydia's beginning is a complete mystery, she was left at the gate of a Codebearers' village without any clue of her origins.  As she grew up, rumors started to form that her mother was Shadow and she became an outcast by the villages children and when she was 7 she stowed away on a travelling merchant's cart and reached another village where she started over again and has grown up there ever since.  She met her future husband when she was 14 and became close friends and trained with each other so they are very synchronized while they are shooting.  When she turned 23 she got married to Castor.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Bow.

Starlight's Character

Name: tyra (tear-ah) Salt



Bio:she was born a codebearer and she was trained to be a warrior she excelled in most things but found her true passion was to use a sword. Soon she heard more about the veil and longed to go there and help the people who were stuck in the veil but after watching many of her friends go to help them she got angry at the author and as she was about to give up she heard a voice saying "get up! I have a plan for you!"so she continued her training in the codebearer ways and she studied the author's writ more than before

Other:(can I have a thunderbird?if so...)has a thunderbird named Leo

Weapon: veritas sword

Shadow or codeberer:codebearer

Gift: can speak with animals

Ariel's Character's

Name: Arana Mithiandil

Age: 18


Gift: Ability to manipulate metal combined with energy enhancements

Bio: Raised in the ranks of the Shadow, Arana was traumatized by witnessing her parents' death by a high-ranking Shadow agent at age 8 in spite of the darkness in her heart. Taken in by a family friend, she honed her gift in hopes of using it as a tool in her revenge against said agent. At age 15 she was caught by a Codebearer who surprisingly showed mercy to her, softening her heart and eventually leading her to the Author. Unfortunately, she is shunned by most Codebearers for her more "honor-less" gift, and she still holds the need for revenge. Whether she ever forgives the Shadow or not is out of the question; the only question is how to discover his identity, find him, and kill him. Because of this, her heart still has darkness.

Other: Because she was raised by the Shadow, her eyes turn violet when angry.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer, though formerly Shadow

Weapon: Veritas Sword, modified in the shape of a lightsaber to best suit her gift.

Cypher's Character

Name: Rex Stone       

Age: 25



Gift: The power to call upon Flame

Bio: Trained by his family in the way of the Author. Rex took to the sword with great skill. The Stone family know for the rock solid faith in the Author and willingness to follow him. The Stone family has been give great skill by the author. Many Stone members have even been known to defeat the shadows greatest warriors the Dragons. Rex fought in the last great shadow war and stationed in an outpost after it ended.

Other: While on a hunt with other Codebearers to destroy a Dragon colony Rex comes upon a baby dragon that was left to die and befriends the beast and trains it as one of the only dragons even to side with the Codebearers. Telepathic Link. Rex is old friends with Nathan.


Weapon: Veritas Sword dual wield. Can also use a bow.

Jessi's Character

Name: Rowan Wood
Age: 14 years
Gender: Female
Gift: Heightned Senses
Bio: Rowan was born in a Codebearer village. Her parents were the leaders. When she was seven, the village was attacked, pillaged, plundered, and finally burned by Shadows. Rowan was the only survivor. She escaped into the woods and has lived there ever since. During the second seven years of her life, she honed her skills of sword fighting and archery and became really good at living alone in the wilderness.
Other: Rowan can be either friendly and helpful or fierce and feisty. It depends on what mood she is in. She can put on a believable act. This would be helpful if she needed to spy on someone.
Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer
Weapon: Veritas Sword and Veritas Bow

Kheri Hardy's characters

Name: Cobie Redwood

Age: 15

Appearance: (has purple eyes)

Gift: Telekinesis

Bio: An orphan from our world, he has a twin named Cody. When they came to Solandria, Cody found himself in a Codebearer village, while Cobie was with the Shadows. Cobie stayed for half a year and learned their tricks. He was one of them until Cody found him and taught him of the Author. Cobie was hesitant at first, but soon excepted the Author. He is ashamed of his past with the Shadow. They both live in Solandria now.Cody and Cobie came to Solandria when they were being chased by bullies into an alley. Cobie thought that Cody didn't remember him after a while, because he hadn't come, so that was when he gave in and joined the Shadow. When Cody came, at first Cobie didn't believe he had come for him, but then Cody convinced him.

Other: He is the younger twin by five minutes, and he is the immature one. He loves playing pranks on people. He is good at acting

Shadow or Codebearer: Was once a Shadow, now a Codebearer.

Weapon: Veritas Bow.

Name: Cody Redwood

Age: 15


Gift: He can sense others powers and can talk to animals.

Bio: Cody knew he was different when he was five. Animals just started talking. His brother, Cobie found out that he was different when he was seven. They had been orphaned at age three. Cody and Cobie came to Solandria when they were being chased by bullies into an alley. Cobie thought that Cody didn't remember him after a while, because he hadn't come, so that was when he gave in and joined the Shadow. When Cody came, at first Cobie didn't believe he had come for him, but then Cody convinced him.

Other: He is five minutes older than twin Cobie, and is way more mature than most his age, though he knows to have fun sometimes. He knew a little about the Author when he was younger.

Shadow or Codebearer: Codebearer

Weapon: Veritas Sword and shield.

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