i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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You get tickets, but your mom makes you stay home and clean instead!


I wish for spiderman 2.1


You rhymed. XD  You get Spiderman 6.3 before anything else comes out so you are incredibly confused.


I wish I could see Rango right now.

you do, but someone keeps burping and crinkling brought-from-the-outside candy wrappers, ruining your time.


I wish I had a million dollars

you get it, but iit comes with a $1 Million dollar debt with 10% daily interest.

I wish for Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends to magically appear at my door!

It does, but all the pages are ripped out!


I wish we would get snow on Chrisytamis.

 ok but it it snow's so much that you can not leave your house and you live there 20 year's before you see the light of day


                                    i wish i was not sick





You get well, and then break a leg and an arm.


I wish it could be Christmas now.  No more anticipation!

granted but your heart blow's up with happy felling's after you open up somthing form think geek. com



   i wish i could have one of every thing form think geek

You get all those thing sent to you by mail. But your on vacation when they come and it rains the next two days and ruins them:(


I wish for a computer for christmas :-)

granted i give you my super old computer that i got a g-sale for like 3 buck's


  i wish i had a waffel


It is drenched in syrup and all of it spills into your hair.


I wish for a new avatar.


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