i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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You fly, but you don't realize that the power of flight was temporary and you fall from the sky.

I wish I could meet peeps I've met online.

Ok, but they pretend they don't know you and use on online-alter-ego-type-deal.

I wish I could have a perfectly good wish without someone  CORRUPTING IT, for crying out loud lol!

You finally get the wish you want, but right after you wish it you realize there was something much better you could've wished for, and would have much rather wished for, but now you don't have the opportunity to wish for it without the chance of someone corrupting it.

I wish for more wishes.

OK, but you make a lot of oversights/mistakes and end up wishing that you'd never be able to wish anything ever again and that all your wishes would be reversed.

I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish... thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat... these little red squiggly lines only showed up if I didn't intentionally misspell the word.

Now, the red squiggly lines will show up only when you don't intentionally misspell a word. Meaning they come up even if you spell a word correctly.

I wish I got into Persona 5 sooner.

But then you being in -whatever Persona 5 is- ruined your life.

I wish glitter was only difficult to clean up when you wanted it to be.

It is now only difficult to clean when you want it to be, but it is also extremely deadly now and it will kill anyone it touches.

Well, now I guess I wish more people knew what Persona 5 was. XDDDD

Ok, but they deplore it with all of their hearts.

I wish loading signs were less annoying.

Loading signs are so enjoyable to watch that you're constantly trying to get them to come up

I wish I had the time, energy, and determination to be a better writer and finish that second of my book

You have all the time, energy, and determination needed, but you don't have the focus needed to keep at it consistently.

I wish I had a Nintendo Switch.

Fine, but it never saves your progress.

I wish Sabrina got to come on more :)

Sabrina visits more, but never posts.

I wish for more wishes!


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