In remembrance of the old Avvys and Siggys thread on the original Codebearers. I have decided to attempt to take up the trade of graphic generation on demand. Give me a bible verse, theme, or idea and I'll see how far I can run with it. I'll be checking this thread on average every other day so don't flip out if I don't respond right away. 

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-You don't rock the way I rock.


-Yours truly.


-I like to sit on top of our blue car.


I'm going to admit that this did not go the way I expected. I thought I had a handle on my work schedule and could do this but underestimated the time I would need. I WILL have those siggys up by tomorrow evening.

TTUG out...

Don't worry. There's absolutely no hurry.

-When I walk in, people go krazy. 


Still waiting for some renders but here's a start to the upload...if my computer lags much more, I won't finish til tomorrow:


Didn't think I could get that one did ya?  lol

And now for Krystalwing's:

nice, bro.



*jaw drop*

Well, look in here....

It's a shame he doesn't do these anymore, but he's busy with his own life now :/


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