The defence against squirels, chipmunks, gophers, and anything else that is rodent like that may threaten the existance of homo-sapians.


This is a major threat. The government only spends time protecting us from the alleged and non-existent global warming, so we must take things into our own hands. We are looking for recruits

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Oo!  Does i get to be co-commander this time?
You can be co-directer of everything if you like:) That means you get to do it all, boss people around, fire them...'sept ya have to confirm wid the main directer...or you kin settle for commander.
I'll be the co-directer, even though commander sounds cooler. So, what's first on the agenda? Besides saving the world of course.
we need to get more troops ya see. TThis is a major threat, and though I trust you and me to use our full abilities, we'll be squirrel meat before we know it....though, you may want to look in and see if Obama is in league...
...We musent speak of that stuff to freely.  If he is, then all them secret agent people are with them squirrels also, could be viewing this as we speak.  *lowers voice*

can i join ?


Sure! Well, I'm all for it. Must get the approval of the main director first.
plezzzzzz main director plezzz ^o^
Hey! I still have the logo that Rosmist had me make for this! Voila! ^_^
Only problem is that the initials are a tad different...

Oh, it is. Darn. Rosie, you gave me the wrong letters! *shakes fist* 

Yes all ye may join any special placement request?'ve never seen that....main directors are higher than commanders;)


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