Here you come up with a debate and we will debate about it till we get bored with it and change the topic.

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Which Xbox and PlayStation are we talking about?

Just the differences between Xbox And play station all together. I just got a xbox 360. and i want a PS3

I have a Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 2. I've played on a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4. All in all, they're basically the same thing just with different exclusives, controllers, and interfaces.

the only halo you need is the originalgame and book 1-2 and possibly ODST.

the rest is garbo

True but I love them just the same.

What is "Xbox 360" or "PlayStation" or "Xbox 1", "PlayStation 2,3, and 4?
I've got a Wii, that's just about it.

So... New debate?

Mute City (Brawl version)


Big Blue (Melee version)


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