I'm in a world religion class at college this semester. However, I've always wondered why Truth has so many, well, versions. One person believes in one thing while someone believes in something a little different. How do you react to different truths? What do you think is absolute truth?

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i know how ya feel! my bff is Athest, i hav friends who r Seek, Jewish, Catholic, Islam, Buddist...

Do you think they could all be right? Or is there one standard and all others are wrong?
I don't really feel like re-typing it, so if you want to see what I KNOW is true, look on the other thread in the Revaling Room.
okay, thank you

And are you asking (speaking of the post above my first one) that because you want to see what she believes, or you really don't know?

i was wonderng how others feel about truth. seems there are so many versions out there, but which one is true Truth. Absolute Truth. I know Christians have the truth, but what about everyone else who believes differently. Are we just suppose to integrate into one religion or is there one true religion?

Sorry, World Religions class has me in an uproar.

But you are sure of what you believe, right? You're not asking other people for ideas, right? 

how about all religions are wrong in their own way?

which is why Christ leads us away from religion

that's the way my textbook is making it out to be.

then it is correct if it says that.


i mean, it says that religion, any religion, is the person's way of masking his pain and troubles with life by separating his goodness and his evil into two different spheres so he can strive for perfection and leave behind the shadows. or something like that.

religion causes more pain then it helps.

Jesus saves. religion kills


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