I'm in a world religion class at college this semester. However, I've always wondered why Truth has so many, well, versions. One person believes in one thing while someone believes in something a little different. How do you react to different truths? What do you think is absolute truth?

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on it

i dont have a fave.

but it is one of them

Beautiful Hymn

praise God.


posting now

I have a really good video about the earlier posts but I have to wait for laptop usage

okay then.

Well necroing this three year old group, I think that the TRUE truth is one without any deliberate ways of speech that can easily be misinterpreted and without rationalisation.


Not true truth

I only stole half a cookie (when the other half dropped on the floor) and it was when you told me I can have one. (which was last week)

True truth

I stole a cookie without asking.


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