Okay. This is based off an idea for a novel I had.


You are an average person with an average life on the average planet Earth. But none of that matters when, one day, you get a mysterious note...

Nuvolo, land of violence and war,
Vahalla, land of spirits and lore,
Fuegoso, land of smoke and fire,
Sombro, land of darkness and mire,
Erkalteng, land of glaciers and rime,
Brise, land of wind and endless time,
Acqua, land of water and ruins.

There is nothing you can do. The ends of the worlds are coming, and you can't stop it. Don't even try. We'll make sure you regret it.

There is no signature to signify who ''we'' is, only a blood-red seal of two dragons winding around a sword. The notes come to different people in strange ways: pinned to a front door with a dagger. Under a bedroom pillow. Attached to a dog's collar.
Then you realize that there are others that have received identical notes, and you all get together for a meeting. That's when it happens.....

- Regular Rules Set By The Mods
- Um...Try to refrain from fantasy characters until we get into the worlds, please.
- No invincible magic powers.
- You can have up to four characters, but if you do, you have to have at least one from one of the other worlds.
- Feel free to take the plot anywhere, because it's not solid...it's a novel idea I'm trying out.

Character Template:
Age (12 through 33, please...):
Personality (optional):
Skills (please make it relate to the age you picked):
I shall post my profiles later...Try to make yours at least a little bit detailed, 'kay?
Oh, and ANYONE can join, ANYTIME.

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Okey dokey.  Hope me posting about Carter's 'inexplicable drawn' experience is okay.


This conversation was going on too long.  She would recognize me soon.  I excused myself and headed for the door.  At least, I tried.  I don't know why or how, but I was drawn to a side room within the library.  There was just something about it that was calling me.  As I got closer, I saw there were already several people inside.  Definitely not good.  Out of all of them, one would have to recognize me.  I knew I shouldn't go in, that I should just walk away, but I couldn't.  I opened the door and slipped in as quietly as possible.

(Are we going to keep this alive? I'd like too...but if no one else wants to do it...)

I wanna keep it up.  But it doesn't appear that anyone else wants to.  Besides you, Tanwen. ;P

I'd love to continue, but JR,PK doesn't seem to get on very much and our characters are in the middle of a conversation.

i want to

Anyone remember this RP?

Uh... oops. Yes, I do. It kind of died though. I was gone for several months because life was crazy and I didn't feel much like getting on the internet. I don't think we should bother continuing this. You're welcome to take the plot and restart it if you really want to; I haven't copyrighted it or anything.

I will join if it keeps going.


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