Who is your favorite Avenger, villain, and side Character?

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Sweet I can make discussions without joining! XD
Oh, looks like it automatically joined me. Oh well!

I think the Black Widow is my favorite Avenger, and Loki is my favorite villain. What do you mean by side character?

Black Widow is one of mine too. But its hard to choose a favourite cause there all so good.

Loki is an amusing villain. 


Yes, I love Loki. He's one of the few villains I actually like, and don't want to strangle. XD

Haha so true! 

I love it when he's reading in the prison cell. 

Me too. I also really love the part where he and Thor are trying to get away from some people in the second Thor movie. Loki's like, "They're following us." And a bit later..."Now they're firing at us." Then Thor says, "Thank you for the commentary, Loki. It's not at all distracting!" And a bit later they narrowly get through an opening, and take the head off a statue while they're at it, and Loki's like, "Well done, you just decapitated your grandfather." XD

ahahahahah Me too 

Like, Wanda, Pietro, the people who help the Avengers behind the scenes. (I don't know any of their names)

I think we can include hawkeyes family as side characters 

I think so too.

Wanda's one of the Avengers now. For characters who help the Avengers behind the scenes...my favorites are Agent Maria Hills and Agent Phil Coulson.


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