Who is your favorite Avenger, villain, and side Character?

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My favorite Avenger is Captain America. The main reason is like him over Iron Man is

"Their basically like gods!"

"I only know of one God and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that."

I love Iron Man except everyone knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man and that was not smart. I mean sure you get bragging rights but now villains can target people closer to him.

My favorite villain is Loki. I was waiting the entire movie for him to trick someone he did I yelled LOKI'D very loudly. I was excited.

My favorite side Character is Wanda. I have no reason for that one.

Does mother knoweth you wareth her drapes is another good one 

Starlight - I also prefer Captain America over Iron Man, and I like that line, too. Another reason I like him is because he didn't sign the Sokovia Accords in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Nazbea - I love that line! I also like the part where Hulk punches Thor. And the whole scene where Hulk confronts Loki and swings him around, slamming him into the floor. XD

I love that part with Hulk and Loki

It's one of my favorites...



Personally I didn't like that scene. I don't not like it but I found it disappointing. My dad and my brother saw the movie before we did and they loved that scene. They completely over exaggerated how funny it was and it made me disappointed. Just my two cents.

Obviously the only good character their is, the Incredible Hulk!

I mean he is my favourite color so I kinda have to ageee with you there

Lol. I really like him too. He reminds me of my dad...XD

Lol Jessi I am telling.

Yeah I like him too. My mom hates him. We paused the movie and lost a good half hour of movie find because we were trying to convince her that Hulk is not just a guy weigh no self control. No mom he literally was mutated into a monster that he is learning to control. You don't understand. Finally I convinced my siblings rust mom is a lost cause. Silly mom;-)


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