My favorite rpg, the FBS, is ending. :( So I decided to do something in Silver Phoenix's honor. Thank you for making a great rpg Silver!!!!!
(Pictures are down in the comments)

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Awwwwwwww!!! I'm blushing!  I didn't find this until now. (My sis found/told me about it.) Thank you so much! I couldn't have gotten as far as I had on it with you and all the other players!

 glad you like it!!  being in FBS was awesome!!

Were did you find those pictures there great!  

i took them myself  it's the app DragonVale.  i took pictures of my dragons with my IPod then got online and put them on

Ooo! I have Dragonvale too!!
Oh, gosojo, if you want to use them you can! That goes for you too Silver :)

Ok, thanks! :) 


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