Finally My computer is fixed and im back online!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Double posted thread.


This subject is not broad enough.


Delete it. You can always put this on your page.

Yes, I will delete the other copy, but in the future, please try to keep this kinda thing to your page and blog.


RWB, please try to refrain from giving unnessicary outside guidance. I appriciate the thought, but we do have a Mod team for that.

/Still sees the other thread.


Then your mod team better start doing their job.



Sorry, was at the liberary and had to go.


We try to catch these things as soon as possible.

OHHHHH! I'd be at one of those, but I lost my card. >.>


If I may make a suggestion, it's much easier to keep track of threads when you don't have 500+ to go through. Any un-used thread that hasn't been used for months or doesn't have a broad/important topic should be deleted.



Yes, I/we have been wanting to do that for some time, but with other things at hand, it probably won't happen anytime soon.

yes RWB, you present good points (minus telling us to do our job which was rude, uncalled for, and disrespectful.) But all of these things we've noticed and are working on.  And you telling other people what to do really isn't helpful. I suggest you do as we've asked, and inform us without saying a word. We have the enforcing powers that you do not have at the time being. I mean no disrespect, and the fact that you do see things we don't would be incredibly helpful if you actually told us.




/Reply to my forum post which has no point.


/Ignores the page post which has a point.

Chill man!

I agree. Tone it down a bit please:) I understand and appreciate your effort to help, but any further issues post on my wall please, you're getting off topic:P

Oh yes, and I don't see the duplicate you're talking about. Please send me a link if you don't mind.

Ed took care of the other thread. So, give him a cookie.


Oh ed! A cookie! How can you stay mad?:P


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