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Here it is! My new RPG! Please read the title series before joining. This RPG may be a bit dark and there will be blood and gore. (Also romance.) If you’ve read the title series though then you should be fine.

(Still editing and fixing this thing up so don’t expect it to be perfect yet  :P)

Feel free to make your characters when you’re ready!

This RPG starts ASAP, but my deadline is December 15th


A young man lay sprawled out on the ground. He had soft bright white hair that gently framed his sharp handsome face. He looked about twenty years of age. His eyes were close tight and he squirmed on the ground as if her were having a nightmare. Suddenly his crystal blue eyes flew open and he sat up very suddenly. He moaned slightly from the instant pain he felt. Slowly he reached up and touched his forehead feeling a lump and what he guessed was a dark bruise. “What was I doing?” he muttered. He had no recollection. “Taking a nap?” he wondered slowly standing.

He felt a bit lightheaded but he did a slow three sixty and looked all around. He was on a small grassy mountain overlooking several others in all directions. They were dotted and filled with many trees and some of the even taller ones had snow at the very top.

His brow furrowed. “Where am I?” He wondered. “How did I get here?” His confusion rose as he searched through his mind desperately trying to remember anything. Then he thought of another question that terrified him most above the rest. “…Who am I…?” His memory was like an empty scroll, nothing written in it at all. He knew basic things and such but any and all of his past was completely gone.

Shaking from the shock he collapsed back down and held his head desperately trying to think of absolutely anything.

“You awake?” A young voice greeted him. The young man looked up to see a little boy sitting on the edge of the mountain, his legs hanging off the edge. For some reason the young man must have missed him. He didn’t notice him before… The boy had longish grey hair and looked around ten or eleven years of age. He looked back at the young man with blood red eyes etched with black and evil.

The young man shivered sensing such darkness from the kid, but he tried to ignore it. “Y-yeah” He said.

The boy smiled brightly washing away all uncertainty the memoryless young man felt. “I’m glad!” He said. “I’m Raxil” He introduced himself.

Slowly the young man crawled over to the boy and sat on his knees beside him. “I-I think I hit my head” He said. “I can’t remember anything.”

Raxil looked concerned. “Oh dear… You did hit your head. Well, that thing threw a rock at you” He said pointing.

The young man turned around to see a small creature that looked partially like a fuzzy bat crossed with a monkey. It was going through a small pack and eating ravenously.

“Also, I think that’s yours.” Raxil said.

Quickly the young man got to his feet and leapt at the creature. He was desperate to find anything about himself and a surge of hope rushed through him at the sight of the pack. There was a chance he had some sort of ID on him. The creature squawked in fear and grabbed the bag lifting off as fast as he could. Just missing the white haired teen nearly went tumbling down the cliff and muttered angrily under his breath.

Raxil sighed. “Aw… that’s too bad. It’s gone”

The young man buried his face in his hands. “Shoot! I can’t remember anything and I just lost my only chance of recovering my memory!”

Raxil sighed getting to his feet. “Perhaps” he said softly. “I only saw you get hurt and came to check on you.” He said.

The young man ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. “Do you know anything about me at all?” He asked.

Raxil tapped his chin thoughtfully. “I would think that you’re my side of the old war” He said.

The young man cocked his head. “War?”

Raxil nodded. “The entire world was split in war against the Peacekeeper” he explained. “He’s evil as evil can get. Killed thousands and even murdered my father”

The young man’s eyes widened. “Really? That’s awful!”

Raxil closed his eyes looking pained by the memories. “I want to kill that man, but I’m far too young and weak to do anything”

The young man looked thoughtful. “I need to find out who I am… but while I’m searching perhaps I can help you. I don’t know if I’m strong or anything, but if I get the chance to kill him for you I will” He promised.

A smirk flashed on Raxil’s face, but it quickly changed to a happy smile. “You would? Oh thank you!” He said.

The young man rubbed the back of his neck. “Could I follow you?” He asked.

Raxil shook his head. “I need to go on my journey alone. You can go that way to find your way out of the mountains though” He said pointing towards the snowiest and coldest of the mountains.

The young man sighed and looked at the ground. “I don’t even know what to call myself…” he muttered.

Raxil smiled kindly picking up his own pack and slinging it over his shoulder. “I would have called you Snow” He said.

The young man shrugged. “That’ll work” He said touching a strand of his white hair.

Raxil waved. “Bye then Snow. Perhaps we will meet again one day” He said.

The newly name Snow watched Raxil disappear into the treeline before he made his way down the mountain and in the direction Raxil had pointed him in. He was sure he’d find some clue of who he was if he searched.

He trekked through the mountains for hours stumbling along and thinking the entire time. He was about halfway to the mountains when he got into a very dense part and had to push himself hard to get through the thick brush. Suddenly he burst through into an opening and fell face first into the ground. Moaning he lifted his head to find three sharp blades pointed at his neck. Not good.

“Who goes there?” A gruff voice asked behind a mask of a cheetah.

Snow’s mouth went dry unsure of what to say. He looked around and figured he was in a village of some sort.

“I think he’s a spy” One of the warriors said, he wore a mask of a wolf

A girl pushed her way in “Let me see” She said with an annoyed sigh. Her mask was of a dragon. She scanned him over carefully. “Doesn’t look evil to me” She said.

The warrior in the wolf’s mask elbowed her. “You just like guys with blue eyes”

If her face wasn’t covered by her mask you would have seen how red it went. “S-shut up” She told him.

The cheetah masked warrior roughly yanked Snow up by his hair. “We should just kill him” He hissed. “He’s seen the village”

Color drained from Snow’s face and he shook his head violently. “I-I promise not to tell anyone!” He piped up.

The warrior wearing the wolf mask began laughing. “This shrimp is terrified! He’s hardly a threat”

For some reason this hit Snow deep and he glared at the wolf warrior dangerously. He got to his feet properly taking the cheetah warriors hand out of his hair. “I’m not scared” He snarled.

The girl suddenly stepped between them. “Stop!” She ordered. “We’ll let the chief decide this”

The warriors pointed their weapons at Snow and he had no choice but to be lead into the midst of the bustling village.

Ok ppls!

Your part of this tribe! You have certain jobs in the village and have grown up there all your lives. You’re not savages, but not civilised either. Anything about the kingdom you’ve heard is strictly rumors and none of you would have ever seen it in your lives. However, mind crushers are regular. Many of you will have scuffled with a few of them and protected your land viciously. Some even believe there is a large amount of them living nearby. Nonetheless you crave to learn about what’s outside the mountains though. Snow’s arrival could very well be your ticket out.


Your profile

Name: (No last names.)

Age: (Don’t really have a limit, but I would suggest in the teen years)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Description: (pic is best please. I can help you find one if needed)

Power: (Read below for instructions)

Tribal duties: (Also below for instructions)

Bio/Personality: (Keep this mostly toward bio because your characters personality is something that will come out over time. The bio can be about their past or an important something about them)

Other: (Anything extra you wanted to add)



How to pick your power:

Ok so you can’t be all powerful and have more than one power

Here are some ideas for powers. (If you don’t understand what the power is tell me and I'll explain)



Mind readers:

Super speed:




Super strength:


Force field power (I can’t think up a good name)


Mind Controller:



Other: (Feel free to make one up! I could really use some ideas for new powers. WARNING: I’m super picky :P)



What you can’t be

Looker: (Can see anywhere in any world at this time. Can occasionally see the past and future)(One of my characters is a Looker and I won’t allow any more)

Tarnis: (Wisest beings in the world. They never forget anything and love learning. You can’t be one of these because their very rare and as soon as one is born it is named king/queen of the land.)

Mind Crusher:

Nothing weird: (Zombie, Vampire, fairy, werewolf, ect.)


Tribal duties







(I’m just going to guess that all of you are going to be Warriors or Hunters though. :P)


Stuff you should know.

  1. Read my books, it’ll really help you understand what’s going on.
  2. This takes place a couple months after Sacha killed Raxita 



  1. Realistic posts please! You can’t be invincible.
  2. Only one character per person, but you can be another extra character to interact with your main. Note! Don’t get too attached to this extra person because only your main character can come along on the adventure. Any other characters you want please talk to me and we’ll work it out.
  3. You can’t control other people’s characters.
  4. You’ll need to post at least once every few days to keep it going, but if you’re busy or going somewhere please tell me. If you don’t post for a week (And you didn’t tell me if you’re going anywhere) I will give you a warning and if that keeps up I will kill your character. (Sorry)
  5. I can control your characters (So don’t be offended).
  6. When you’re not your character and want to talk off topic you must use italics or these thingy’s ()   (The name slipped my mind…)


Writing Rules:

1. Write as sort of a narrator. You know your characters thoughts, feelings and everything, but your not actually your character. 

Example of what I want: Snow looked far off. "I wonder whats going to happen to me...?" He wondered. Example of what I don't want: I looked far off. "I wonder whats going to happen to me...?" I wondered.

Though this looks nice in a book, its difficult in an RPG because it takes people longer to figure out who is who. 

2. Proper grammar, punctuation and use of spell check is greatly appreciated. Making your posts clear will be a big help to everyone.

3. When your character is talking use. "These" so we know. Also its nice to italicise it for when they're thinking. Example "Where am I?" She thought.

4. I find single sentenced posts annoying (I know I know. I do em too. :P) If its in a conversation thats ok, but try to make them just a bit longer (><)

5. Errrrmmm I think thats it, but I might put up more rules if your misbehaving. 

My Characters:

Name:  Snow (Real name is Nathan, but no one figures this out until later)

Age:  20

Gender: Male


Power: Ice

Bio: Awoke without a single memory. He doesn’t even know his own name. 

Personality: A charmer with the ladys and can be a bit of a bad boy. Has his dark and mysterious moments, but is overall kind and nice.

Name: Tatiana (Close friends call her Taddy)

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female


Power: Fire

Tribal duties: Full fledged warrior

Bio/Personality: She's the daughter of the chief and because of this a lot was expected of her. She took on her duties with a burning spirit and strives to do everything to the best of her ability's. She has a firey personality and can be rather stubborn and bossy. Unfortunately she has no idea how to act like a proper lady...

Other: She's quite pretty, but is completely oblivious.

She has the mask of the dragon.

Name: Levi

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Power: Illusionist

Tribal duties: Warrior. 

Bio/Personality: Levi always has a dark mood and is very antisocial. The only people he really cares about are Philip, his student, and Zia, his girlfriend. He's had a rough past consisting of almost fifteen years in Felixivent's facility where he turned into nearly a kill machine. He's still trying to recover from this with Zia's help.

Name: Philip

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Power: Mind Controller

Tribal duties: In training though he could easily become a warrior, hunter or scout. He's still waiting for Levi's approval

Bio/Personality: Philip is the opposite of his teacher, Levi, and is bright and kind. Tends to be stubborn and likes trouble. He's actually the chef's son and Tatiana's older brother (Though he acts younger sometimes) but he prefers to keep that low key. He passed his birthright of chieftain to his sister.

Other: Has a massive sword thats almost as big as he is.

Your Characters

Satar's Character:

Name: Joseph

Age: 13

Gender: Male


Power: Mimicker/power reader (He can tell a persons power and can mimic them to a certain degree)

Tribal duties: He helps with the children of the village but sometimes he helps out with the hunting if they are down a man.

Bio/Personality: He has grown up in the village his whole life and his specialty is he gets along with children great and most of the time he is a caretaker for when some of the women in the village are doing something else.

Other: He has a bow & arrows and two short swords that he barely uses but keeps them just to show he is armed.

Silver Phoenix's Character:

Name: Sage

Age: 18

Gender: male


Tribal Duties: Scout (either that or hunter.)

Power: Shadows. (Can partly disappear in shadows but is still slightly visible. Can control and move them, also is able to make them solid for only a few moments.)

Bio: Usually keeps to himself but is always listening to rumors around town. Everything about the land beyond the mountains interested him and he often daydreams in his free time about what it would be like out there. When he was younger he lost his parents and lives with his older relative who acts like she's his mother.

Michaelyoda's Character:

Name: Zeren

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: (no tattoo)

Power: Plant manipulation

Tribal Duty: Farming

Bio: Was fifteen when he encountered his first mind crusher while hunting with a friend. The mind crusher ambushed them, and had begun crushing Zeren's mind before his friend killed the mind crusher. The attack had destroyed most of Zeren's skill with weaponry and made it all but impossible to learn again, and use of his power was severely weakened. Since the attack he took up farming, hoping to do something useful for his tribe, though it was still very difficult. He was able to use his power to make the plants grow quickly for a short time, but they would rarely last and would die quickly. He lives with a fear of the mind crushers, but dreams of a day when he can beat one into dust.
He tries not to talk about the incident, and is usually friendly, but not necessarily open.


BladeAngel's Character:

Name: Unseelie Red

Age: 18

Gender: male


Power: indestrucible

bio: Loves being in the village he was born in. Loves going into the forest but is always out going to his friends he meets. Except for his enemies who will try one day to kill him when he is not looking. Well now he has tricks and his power up his sleeve at the ready.

Tribual duty: warrior.

Other: He has two belts that changes into swords plus he wears his favorite tattered white cloak with hood up and his talismn in his hair.


Falling Star's Character:

Name: Iris

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Power: Shield generation

Tribal duties: Cooking/cleaning; formerly a warrior.

Bio/Personality: When her parents died, Iris gave up being a warrior to take care of her younger brother, Sage. She is very protective of him, especially since their parents died, and due to the many responsibilities she has had to take on she has developed a very motherly attitude towards him. She struggles to be the responsible adult in her family, and her often over-cautious behavior and rules have led to many arguments with Sage, but despite her somewhat strict and stuffy exterior, she secretly longs for adventure.

Other: She used to wield a naginata (the pole sword on the right) and wore a Grizzly Bear mask when she was a warrior.

Zhadow's Character:

Name: Ash

Age: 20

Gender: Male


This tattoo is on his back and right arm

Power: Illusionist

Tribal duty: Warrior

Bio: Ash's parents were killed when he was about 10 years of age. Ash received the tattoo on his back when he was 15. When asked why he got the tattoo, Ash quickly changes the subject. At the age of 16 Ash became a warrior for the tribe.

Knight Rider's Character: 

Name: Dominic

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Power: Superhuman strength

Tribal Duties: Warrior

Mask: He wears the mask of a white tiger.

Bio: He was once part of an important family in the tribe until the mind crushers raided their home and wiped out everything. All he was able to save was the clothes/gear he was wearing and a few of his personal possessions. Everything else was destroyed or killed….including his parents and siblings.

Other: He sometimes gets short tempered when’s he’s in a bad mood.

Wolfy's Character:

Name: Sara


Gender: Female

Power: Mind Controller

Tribal duty: Scout


Bio: Used to be a extremely outgoing person but an encounter with a mind crusher when she was 13 changed that. She likes to keep to herself scouting out the areas around the village, but is slowly becoming more social as she use to be.

Other: Being alone gave her plenty if time to teach herself to use bow and arrows and is now very skilled. She also has a small dagger for throwing though she is not as proficient with it.

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Well it is in the RPG section... :|

Oh good. One thing right. ;P

:) I always find the right in people :D


It's a big deal. :P

Probably gonna look really messed up somehow...

Anywho, I think I finished my character.


Name: Zeren


Age: 18


Gender: Male

Description: (no tattoo)

Power: Elemental. Fire

Tribal Duty: Farming

Bio: Was fifteen when he encountered his first mind crusher while hunting with a friend. The mind crusher ambushed them, and had begun crushing Zeren's mind before his friend killed the mind crusher. The attack had destroyed most of Zeren's skill with weaponry and made it all but impossible to learn again, but the was otherwise mostly unharmed. Since the attack he took up farming, hoping to do something useful for his tribe, though it was still difficult. He lives with a fear of the mind crushers, but dreams of a day when he can beat one into dust.

He tries not to talk about the incident, and is usually friendly, but not necessarily open. 

*starts laughing*

Nathan: ... give her a moment...

Me: Sorry! I was going to use that exact pic for the RPG if you guys picked D! (isn't it an awesome one?)

Ok! Looks good, very good. Only thing I wanted to add (and should have mentioned earlier) Is one of the main characters I'm adding in will have the power of fire as well. You can keep it so long as you don't mind that they're matching. ( I have no problem with it)

(How did you post a picture???)

Ok! Nother profile done and it hasn't even been a full day! 

Kewl. :P

I don't mind. Not entirely sure what power he should have anyways...

It involves the Chrome browser, switching to the desktop view, pushing a "Request Desktop Site" button, and a nice headache. :P

Wow... sounds kinda intense. :P

aka: I'd never figure it out.

I had a random genius moment...:P

how can you pictures on the iPod????

Download the Google Chrome browser, switch to the Codebearers' site desktop veiw. Go to the discussion you want to post in. Open the browser menu, tap "Request Desktop Site."
That usually works. Though I've noticed it sometimes doesn't do anything. :/

i was just wondering, but do the tribe's people's masks have to be based on animals?

Mostly, yes, sometimes of monsters or mystical creatures. They use them to intimidate people and keep their identity's secret. (They used to believe that a mind crusher could only crush your mind if he knew your name) Only warriors, hunter, scouts and that type really wear them though for tradition sake.

Make that a note to all you people: Think up mask idea for your character! (if your a warrior, hunter or scout... or bored. :P)

Lion mask is for the leader and chief. 


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