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City I animated a while back. How's it look?
Reminds me of the city whatshisface made in Inception.

cool, what's 'Inception'? 

Never heard of it

It's a cool movie that just came out on DVD. If you want a really full description you'd have to google it, but basically it's about a guy who invades peoples dreams and steals their secret secrets using new technology. And then he goes on a job to plant an idea. Now that may sound bad, but it's a good movie, you should look up a better description cause mine casts it in a really negative light.

You should see the HISHE version of it on youtube. I've never seen it, but You don't really have to see it to seee the funny;)


That's really good Aviad far beyond my talent

Thanks Lexi! :) 

My animation of THE THRONE ROOM!


what throne room from where?

Its an animation of God's Throne Room. Of course, I know it probably looks nothing like the above picture, but It was hard to get that column of light on the throne.... ;)

How's it look? 

Sword thru heart

something i kinda whipped together


Who wrote the stuff on the left?


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