Lord Voldemort is rising...and we are the only ones that can stop him. Join this RPG to determine the fate of the wizarding world...and everything in it.

Available characters:

Harry Potter -Daniel

Ron Weasley Iron Trickster

Fred Weasley -Baldewearer

George Weasley  -Bladewearer

Ginny Weasley-musiclover2000

Hermoine Granger-Lyssa

Luna Lovegood

Neville Longbottom

Draco Malfoy

I will be the professors and the rest of the Hogwarts staff.


1. No foul language, even though there is some in the books.

2. Limit 10 posts a day, and no more. Sometime I might let you go further.

3. No controlling other people's characters.

4. My word is law.

Any questions, just ask.

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I will be Harry, of course.

All you gotta do is say who you want to be. No profiles, pics, or anything please.

Okay she's all yours! XD

Mhmm, goodluck on the failtrail.

Movie RPG-Not good.

Acting as ten+ characters-Terrible idea.

Stating rules like your word is law-Another terrible idea.


Well, thanks. Mike says stuff like that. Do you go correcting HIM?? STOP CRITICIZING ME, OKAY? STOP!

Do you realize, this is a Christian site, and this is HP? 

Everything in HP < Christian site. 

Does. Not. Mix.

Well thanks for the criticism. Did you see that Mike has an HP discussion? DID YOU GO AND CRITICIZE HIM? DID YOU? PLEASE STOP!!!!!!

i thnk he is right and isnt it the mods desistion if its in besides its his rpg and CHRISTIANS are supposed to HELP PEOPLE NOT PUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! ps can i have ginny lol

lol yes you can 

Thx :) ur not the only one getting tired of people commenting just to b rude and to get attention

yes, thank you very much.


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