I just heard that the Codebearer video game is a go!! Also, HB4 is a go too!! (Thank you, Bladebearer.) This is a temporary thread for me (and you) to rejoice that we will be seeing our beloved series continue. (and a video game! *squeak*)

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HB4 is a POSSIBILITY! the game is a go though.
Do you know what gaming systems the video game gonna be for, and will it be avalable in Canada? Just wondering.
I think it is a pc game but I wasn't on the chat so could someone fill me in?

I hope its a pc game. I dont have any other gaming things.


Will it be for wii and ds
yea, that would ROCK!!
Not much of a video game person but excited for the possibility of a Hunter Brown 4 book and the Spearhead Books thing too. I know can give friends a place to go for good books instead of having to write out long lists for book sujestions. Besides what is already on Spearhead Books, what authors/books do you guys hope will get on their?

What's this whole think about Spearhead books? I'm confused about this whole big news in July thing- what was the news, who are the Bros partnering with to do stuff with, I've gathered that they are making a video game, and why would they partner with other authors? *Sigh*


Spearhead books is a website they made with Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper to promot Christian books. It is kinda like a one place stop to find quality Christian fiction. Here is the site. http://www.spearheadbooks.com/

???? you just lost me, lol. What's spearhead???


I don't think I can explain it any clearer. You can check out the website and the last video chat for more information.
OMG! It should be made for PS3 and Wii! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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